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CDP Studio new releases

Published: 20.06.2017

CDP Studio IDE ver. 1.2 and Framework ver. 4.2 available

New releases CDP Studio IDE and Framework and are now available for download.

Data logger

A data logger and database is included and enables logging of all signals and property changes. You may set threshold values for logging, add 2nd database for long term storages of key data, use your own (non-CDP supplied) datastores and much more.

You can seamlessly view of logged and real-time data in Analyze mode, build your own applications utilizing logged information or use the new CDP Studio logger and graph widgets to create your own GUIs.

You may add a CDP Studio logger to a non-CDP based system to log data as an extension to this system.

New widget theme

A brand new widget theme has been added to give you more options for building user interfaces. All widgets comes in day and night modes.

Industry protocols and special equipment

Added support for the industry protocols GPIO, NMEA and SNMP.

Added support for the Seatex MRU from Kongsberg.

The IDE supports multiple Framework versions

Multiple CDP Studio Framework versions available from within the same CDP Studio IDE, i.e. use CDP Studio IDE ver. 1.2 to work on projects delivered using CDP Framework 4.1 for support and upgrades without having to upgrade the Framework version

Extended Wago support

All Wago PFC100/200 IO modules pre-configured and support drag and drop


See release notes for detailed information


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