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CDP Studio released together with brand new web pages

Published: 01.09.2016



CDP Studio

the next generation integrated environment for developing and maintaining real-time distributed control systems and applications


Ålesund – Norway, 1 September 2016 - CDP Technologies AS launches the 4th generation of the CDP framework simplifying control system development and creating an efficient tool for testing, maintaining and servicing these systems.

CDP studio is an enabler for efficient control system development. CDP Studio simplifies the task of developing and maintaining control systems by abstracting and automating tedious tasks. The framework comes with all fundamental control system functionality, a set of ready-to-use graphical widgets and an integrated test environment. This simplifies control system development, ensures consistency, reduces complexity and reduces the overall workload, allowing you to spend your time on creating the actual application logic and user interface.

CDP Studio safeguards your investment for future changes in the technical environment and eco system. The platform is hardware vendor independent and supports control systems with mix of vendors and technologies, giving you to the freedom to select the industry controllers and technology that are optimal for your solution.

Proven technology, CDP is used in thousands of mission critical control systems, many running for more than 10 years. A high focus on safety and reliability as systems are used in personnel lifting operation like offshore gangways and cranes, vessel dynamic positioning systems (DP) and engine control.

CDP Studio bridges technologies and can integrate non-CDP developed control systems or enhance older systems with new features or modern user interfaces, including for PLC based systems.

CDP Studio is suited for multiple industries as maritime, offshore, process, mining, energy and applicable for large range of applications as distributed real-time systems, simulation, robotics, prototyping, IoT etc. CDP Studio is suited for large and small companies and universities, from large complex control systems to single controller small applications.

CDP Studio is a versatile tool with the vision to simplify control system development, increase the efficiency throughout the control systems life-time and to safeguard the investment for future changes and requirements. 



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