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CDP Technologies joins The Blue Maritime Cluster

Published: 21.01.2020


CDP Technologies becomes a member of “The Blue Maritime Cluster”, a global centre of expertise.


The Blue Maritime Cluster at Møre on the west coast of Norway, is a world leader in design, construction, equipment and operations of advanced offshore vessels. The region has a tradition going back generations of innovation and development of maritime technology.

The region has fostered a range of companies with a unique competence within the maritime sector and have gained the status as a Global Centre of Expertise due to its strong global position.

CDP Technologies products and services are used by many of the companies in the Blue Maritime Cluster and there are thousands of CDP systems in operation around the world on different vessels.

We feel at home in the cluster as CDP Studio support companies with rapid innovation and their transition into Maritime 4.0 / Industry 4.0 work processes and products.

Read more about the Blue Maritime Cluster in English or Norwegian.



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