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CDP Studio @ Cisco Engage 2018

Published: 04.06.2018

News Conference
CDP Studio is demonstrated running on IR809 Linux router

CDP Technologies is invited to join Cisco Engage 2018 as a partner and be part of the event demonstrations. We will demonstrate a CDP based control system running as application in the Linux partition on the Cisco IR809 router.

Supporting Cisco IR809 and IR829 enables you to deploy compact control systems, edge computing, IOT sensor collection system efficiently on hardened equipment and using Cisco security and with 4G connectivity.

About Cisco Engage 2018

In Cisco, we believe that secure digitalization is the key to increasing value creation in Norwegian companies and the public sector. There is a good balance between innovation speed and the need for security, and we look forward to welcoming you to a day filled with good talks that deal with just secure digitization.

The increasing rate of innovation, stronger global competition and an ever-increasing threat make it even more important for us to create more secure environments in our society.

We believe that the traditional security solutions are no longer adequate. At Cisco Engage we will focus on five areas that we believe are important in secure digitalization; It's simplification, automation, integration of security everywhere, analytics and continuous innovation.

The intuitive network, which we call software defined access - and our interaction solutions - just makes it possible.


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