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Equinor shows a live CDP Studio system at NFEA Subsea 2019

Published: 01.10.2019

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Equinor presents their vision for a subsea network of UAV charging stations on NCS


Jan Christian Torvestad from Equinor presented their new concept of underwater intervention - drone control system at the NFEA Subsea conference. Equinor has together with Blue Logic developed a universal vendor independent subsea charging station for UAVs.

The vision is to have a network of subsea charging station on the NCS (Norwegian Continental Shelf) to allow autonomous UAVs from any supplier to dock, charge and transfer data.

Blue Logic delivers the inductive charging and data communication solutions. They have worked together with CDP Technologies to develop a unified user interface and control solution supporting hardware and software from multiple vendors in one uniform system.

At the NFEA Subsea Controls  international conference, a CDP Studio GUI system was demonstrated and shown with a live connection to the test site at Tau outside Stavanger (Norway).

See also article on Blue Logics blog.


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