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March 2018 - new CDP Studio release

Published: 24.03.2018

A new CDP Studio release is available from March 2018

New versions of the CDP Studio IDE and CDP Framework was released om the 23rd of March 2018.

The IDE release 1.5 contains new and enhanced features for managing information and includes functions for bulk editing, copy/past of objects and configurations including to external applications like Excel and a new import/export function supporting file formats like CSV.

This set of features are very useful for importing I/O configurations made in external tools, duplicating objects and configurations and will increase the efficiency of developing systems.

The Framework release 4.4.1 has several GUI improvements, now large and complex user interfaces developed easier with the UI loader that allows multiple UI files in the same application. A new GUI widget allows HTML5, pictures, videos etc to be viewed in a widget based GUI made in Design Mode.

A brand new GUI theme is added to allow you to make UI with a new expression, check out the new demo to see how the new widgets look like.

CDP Studio now support Beckhoff KL series remote I/O. Read the datasheet for details.

Some new operators (mathematical function) for IIR filter and Ramp filter.

New greenhouse demo application.


+ a number of bug fixes and improvements are included. See the full description of the releases here.


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