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MQTT support for IOT and cloud

Published: 20.12.2017

New CDP Studio release with MQTT support

The new CDP Studio version avialable for download comes with MQTT support, both MQTT client and MQTT broker.

MQTT has been around for a while, but is now one of the protocols associated with IoT and Industry 4.0. It is both lightweight and geared towards proper machine to machine communication, as opposed to the master-slave protocols used in hierarchical automation systems. MQTT is based on publish/subscribe principles, so more a messaging and information flow protocol than a strict control system interface. Most of the handshaking has been stripped away, which does wonders on bandwidth requirements and power consumption; MQTT is very well suited for IoT style of sensors. Due to the relative simplicity, MQTT has also found usage as a protocol for connection to overlying information systems like MES. Adding MQTT to CDP Studio is thus an enabler for both interfacing more sensors, as well as a link to MES/SCADA. CDP based systems may be used both as an information gateway, but also adding control loops and local HMI in the same system. The term Automation Kinderegg comes to mind. Enjoy!

There were also room for some more enhancements and improvements in the new CDP Studio release, see here for more info.


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