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New CDP Studio and Framework release - December 2018

Published: 21.12.2018

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The new release focus on usability and adding time saving functions. Also included is support for B&R I/O modules and enhancements for support engineers.



Brand new Welcome page

The new Welcome page gives easy access to all our examples, text and video tutorials. The examples come with complete project code.

Wizards are introduced to help you create new system, applications and libraries.

There are 4 new getting started examples that guides you through the basic concepts and when developing with CDP Studio + several new useful examples.

CDP Studio Welcome mode Examples


Usability enhancements

We have spent time to increase the usability and there are several changes all over CDP Studio. The most important are:

  • Clean-up of Configure mode. The information that is not commonly used, system information and rarely used advanced function are hidden from the default view. The filter button (top right) toggles what you see.
  • GUI widget names are more understandable and easier to read, all widget help texts (select widget and press F1) are upgraded and new help is also added to many properties.


Make configured objects reusable resources: Great new time saving feature

This is a requested feature from our heavy users to allow them to save a lot of time when developing projects. You are now able to save a component with all the configuration and settings in a library. This is best explained with an example.

You have a motor controller (a drive) for an electrical motor. A complex drive may have hundreds of settings that have to be exactly right. Previously you created a re-usable component of the drive and had this in a library. Then for each project, you needed to manually configure all the settings. Very time consuming and error prone.

With the new feature, you take the re-usable drive component and make all the settings once. Then you copy the configured drive with all the settings into a library. When you use this new configured re-usable drive component in a project, all settings are there.

An added benefit is that you can store the drive component with all the settings in GIT, thereby having version control on a configured drive.

This feature includes a new Model editor, this is a generic feature that you also can use to edit any model xml file. Previously xml model files were edited manually.


Connect to running systems without having project file

You can now access a running system without having the project with source code installed on your PC. This is very useful for service engineers or when you need to connect to a system for maintenance or support.  You can see all values in real-time in the Configure mode and plot values in Analyze mode.



B&R X20 System remote I/O

B&R X20 System of remote I/O modules are now supported See the data sheet for list of supported I/O modules.

New licensing system

We are introducing a new licensing system for CDP Studio, this to be able to continue to provide new functionality and services. The new licensing system is released as part of CDP Studio IDE version 1.7, which also includes the new CDP Framework version 4.6.

All CDP Studio license holders will receive a personal e-mail with the new license key. Run-time licenses are not affected.


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