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Robotex 2017

Published: 30.11.2017

News Conference
Summary of Robotex 2017

CDP Technologies was a Gold sponsor of Robotex 2017, arranged the robot competition CDP Grand Challenge and had a company stand.

We have been a Robotex sponsor for many years as we see this is engaging young people to learn about robotics and IT in general. We believe these technology fields are very important for the future and sponsoring Robotex is our way of contributing and encouraging young people to explore and play with technology.

It is fascinating to see the enthusiasm and commitment in the various competitions and the wide range of robots built by teams from schools, universities and robot clubs.

The CDP Grand Challenge was this year won by team Hedgehog and setting a new competition record of completing the task in only 11 seconds. Congratulations!

The CDP Grand Challenge is to use a vision system and to move a robot to knock down the green houses and leave all the red ones standing.

See the winning performance on YouTube or the competition rules with introduction video and previous years attempts.

On the CDP Technologies stand we demonstrated CDP Studio and showed 2 example projects, a wall following/collision avoiding car and a weather station distributed over 2 Raspberry Pis. The small robot car was a great hit with the children as they could put obstacles in front of the car and see if the car managed to avoid a collision.

The robot car and weather station projects are available for download from our web pages or our company pages on GitHub.

We are sponsors for Robotex 2018 and we have created a new CDP Challenge. Read more about the 2018 challenge and prize on our web pages.

Some pictures from the event



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