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Seaonics completes sea trial for Kronprins Haakon

Published: 03.01.2018

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CDP Studio used on the worlds most advanced arctic research vessel

A new Norwegian research vessel is built for the Norwegian Polar Institute by Fincantieri, Italy. The main user of the ship is going to be The Arctic University of Norway, located in Tromsø. The vessel will be given the name Kronprins Haakon and has since December 2017 been in Norway for testing and finalizing of equipment installation.

CDP Technologies congratulate SEAONICS having successfully finished sea-trials of the Active Heave Compensation (AHC - active motion compensation for the vessels movement due to waves) on nine winches installed on the vessel.

SEAONICS delivery comprises premium, all electric, green technologies; a complete package of winches for fishery and scientific purposes, deck cranes, overboard systems including A-frames and Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS). Industrial Control Design AS has developed the control system for the scientific system, all based on CDP Studio.

The use of CDP Studio enabled efficient development of the control systems by reusing a library of pre-made and tested software components and making vessel specific adaptations and configurations. This ensures time and cost efficient development and testing of the control systems.

Photo: Øystein Mikkelborg Polarinstituttet


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