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CDP Studio - Watch the full demonstration

See the key aspects and how easy it is to create distributed real-time control systems

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Introducing OPC UA and support for InfluxDB database

New CDP Studio release introduces OPC UA, support for InfluxDB and several enhancements

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Java interface to CDP Studio control systems and applications

Java applications can now be integrated with control and monitoring systems built with CDP Studio

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Launch of a graphical programming tool and a Simulator

The new CDP Studio release introduces the Block Diagram editor, Simulator and several usability improvements - July 2019.

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Cross-platform embedded system development

With CDP Studio you have a single development tool for all your embedded systems.

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New CDP Studio and Framework release - December 2018

The new release focus on usability and adding time saving functions. Also included is support for B&R I/O modules and enhancements for support engineers.

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July 2018 - New CDP Studio release

New CDP Studio release comes with Revolution Pi, Beckhoff EL and INSYS support, Python integration, OpenCV pre-integration and the External Control IO server, a powerful function allowing integration to a wide range of external services and systems.

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Revolution Pi

CDP Studio comes with built in support for Revolution Pi, an open, modular and inexpensive Industrial PC and I/O modules based on Raspberry Pi.

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Collection of small examples of ExternalControl IO server

The External Control IO server has very powerful and flexible functionality. Here are some examples; Check connectivity and run commands on failure, get weather forecast, log to text file, get JSON values, get UPS status, run background tasks, create RRD and send SMS.


How to use SMTP to send alarm e-mails from CDP Studio

In this blog you will see an example on how to use ExternalControlBrokerRequestsThe example describes how to set up CDP for sending alarm e-mails on some signal values.


How to use REST with CDP Studio

In this blog you will see an example on how to use the ExternalControlIO server to set up CDP for logging sensor (signal) data to a external cloud database for archiving and later analysis (querying). It shows how to add HTTPRequest and HTTPSubRequest to your system and how to configure them for interacting with REST service.



How to integrate OpenCV with CDP Studio

CDP Studio can be integrated with OpenCV to use their vision libraries, this allows you to develop control systems using computer vision. This blog explains how you integrate OpenCV and some usefull tips.



Support for INSYS icom MRO/MRX/SCR series of routers

Remote I/O controller and edge computing using the INSYS icom MRO/MRX/SCR series of routers

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How CDP based control systems and applications operates on hardware

This describes how CDP based control systems and applications operate and interact with hardware. CDP Studio allows you to develop systems that can run on different hardware device types and from different vendors.

CDP Studio works with Industrial PCs, Hybrid PLC controllers, remote I/O and IIOT/IOT devices. 

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Beckhoff KL and EL series remote I/O support

Use Beckhoff I/O series in CDP automation systems.

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