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Visit us at Embedded World 2020

Published: 28.01.2020

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Visit us at Embedded World 2020 in Nürnberg Feb 25 – 27 2020


CDP Studio will be at Embedded World 2020 in Nürnberg, where we will demonstrate our new graphical system editor. This adds even more value to application developers that work with project/customer specific solutions; using visual programming of pre-made functions. Software development ...made easy.

On the stand this is illustrated with an iceberg, most of the volume of an iceberg is submerged, so compared to embedded software, the submerged part represents all the work that goes into basic functionality and the development environment itself. It is the visible tip of the iceberg that represents customer value.

CDP Studio let you focus on the visible tip, i.e. what your customer pays for, and will take care of most of the base runtime environment, toolchains, and deployment for you – time is money.

In the context of industrial IoT, control systems, or general Linux based devices; CDP Studio brings the principles of the automation world into the IT world, and vice versa. Edge computing is collection and processing of sensor data, essentially what an automation system does. The difference is that CDP Studio does this, but also adds the IT tools to merge the solution into a modern data centric environment.

Visit us at Embedded World, and we will show you a tool that is at home on Linux devices, and a different way to build quality applications in much less time.

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