Release Notes - CDP Studio IDE v1.8

CDP Studio IDE version 1.8 was released in July 2019.

See also the blog for more details.


  • New: Develop systems graphically and get a good system overview in the new Block diagram editor

  • Enhanced the Analyze mode with support for saving/loading Analyze mode configurations, alias names, editing min/max y axis, editing start time, make cursor beam visible on all plots at the same time, support for hiding the legend and autorestore Analyze mode when project is reopened.
  • Add support for creating developer documentation for libraries and components that become integrated with the CDP Studio documentation.
  • Upgraded the library model editor so you can create and manage signals, parameters etc for the components (C++ files) in Configure mode. This includes automatic code generation and gives a good overview, this to further simply the programming task.
  • Add support for prelicensing CDP applications
  • Autoconnect when you build and run the system


Improvements and corrections

  • Show broken routings from GUI app in issues pane
  • Show a badge icon in configure mode tables if signal has operators
  • In library configure mode State rename does not update corresponding StateTransition in XML
  • Fix legend tooltip not always showing
  • Fix project tree expanding when selecting between libraries
  • Fix cancelling bulk edit not resetting values, avoiding possible mismatch with XML
  • Fix code generator not able to create first member declaration
  • Fix component rename not working in Library configure mode project tree for C++ objects
  • Fix Application wizard breaking a project if app name is changed
  • Fix Design mode form not always reloading when routing is changed externally
  • Fix editing library objects in configure mode updating the C++ code in Code mode
  • Fix LibraryName.xml constantly changing
  • Fix remote debugging of GUI apps when gdbserver version is less than 8
  • Fix CDP applications not starting over Cygwin because of case sensitive filesystem activated
  • Fix Studio MaintenanceTool uninstall not removing user's CDPTech folder if path contains spaces
  • Fix Studio leaving subprocesses running when closing the application
  • Add telemetry support
  • Multiple crash and a number of smaller bugs are fixed
  • New examples and tutorials
  • Documentation updates

Release notes - CDP Studio Framework v4.7

The CDP Studio Framework version 4.7 was released in July 2019.

Hotfix v4.7.1 - August 2019

  • Fix ModbusMasterRTU SendMode = "OnChange" not always working



  • New: Simulator, the simulator a tool to create real-time simulation of physical systems. This can be used to replace real hardware in HIL (HW in the loop) testing. When combined with a 3D graphical engine, it can be used to create a simulator for training.


  • Added CDP Port, combine any data (including signals, parameters, properties, signal channels etc) into a single port and the information may be synchronised. Simplifies the routing in projects and when switching routing in real-time.
  • Add examples for OpenCV and PythonClient

Improvements and corrections

  • Fix ADS1115 IOServer not working unless Enable property is toggled
  • Remove "Invalid parameter passed to C runtime function" warnings printing under debugger
  • Fix CDP applications do not advertise themselves in StudioAPI by actual Domain
  • Updated the  fish tank example
  • Add support for editing min/max y axis in Graph widgets
  • Add support for editing start time in Graph widgets
  • Add GDB debug helpers for common CDP objects
  • Fix Alarm level being different at run-time than in Configure mode
  • Add MQTTClient wildcard topic support
  • Fix CDP not working with subnet mask that is larger than allowed by OS
  • Fix CDPBaseToggleButton sending CDPMessages to parent object not the routed object
  • Add 'DisconnectTimeout' and 'AppNotifySendInterval' properties in Messenger component file
  • Add selector property to MQTTClient to choose between different MQTT versions
  • Implement Ack All msg in EventSubscriberModel
  • Fix problem in CDPEventList where sorting and filtering were not always performed
  • Add new pop-up window to CDPEventList capable to show values of configurable properties
  • Add QT signals for number of active alarms for filtered CDPEventList
  • Fix Windows CPU usage going to max if fs is 1000 Hz
  • Fix reparented properties reading wrong model files
  • New examples and tutorials
  • Documentation updates

Changelog - CDP Framework v4.6.1 - Feb 2019

Hotfix v4.6.2 - February 2019

  • Fix GUI Meter widgets not displaying some values correctly


Highlights v4.6.1

  • Improve the performance of CDPSignal

Improvements and corrections

  • Add Unit to CDPProperty
  • Make NumberOfNodes and NumberOfNodesOnline to be visible only in the IOServers that actually use it
  • Make Meter fill to support value lower than fillStartValue
  • Fix XMLParser not escaping XML entities outside of attribute values
  • Fix Signal Graph value not updating if routed object exists and is not changed
  • Fix essential properties hidden for some operators
  • Fix ModbusSlaveUDP not going Online
  • Fix vertical bar widget becoming invisible when upgrading a project to 4.6
  • Fix "The virtual circuit was reset..." error messages filling the message log when CAN over UDP is used
  • Fix Database Graph Widget starting to flash when opening generic database file
  • Fix Alarms showing as Enabled in configure mode but are disabled when running
  • Documentation updates

Changelog - CDP Studio Framework v4.6 - Dec 2018


New features v4.6

  • Added support for the B&R X20 remote IO system
  • Added support for DisplayHint modifier which allows hiding internal implementation details of your components
  • Renamed the various CDP GUI widgets to more user friendly names
  • Added periodic time sync to the Python client
  • Added more examples


Improvements and corrections

  • Support for tiled background or border pixmap drawing on Slider widget
  • Increased max number of CDP applications running on same controller
  • Fixed Weidmüller Modbus not working correctly
  • Fixed WagoIOModules 750-632 having incorrect order of control and status
  • Fixed Modbus Slave issues
  • Fixed ModbusIO TCP/UDP response length in header not calculated correctly
  • Fixed CDPBaseBar invisible unless added to layout
  • Fixed saving of autogenerated Properties if the property hits some fast value
  • Fixed issue with Modbus Slave when requesting only 8 bits
  • Fixed PhoenixContact DI8-DO8 xml error
  • Fixed alarms sometimes flashing (shown and removed) in active CDPEventList
  • Fixed a bug with mixing analog and digital channels 
  • Fixed editing CDPProperty routing in online mode having no effect
  • Fixed CAN IOServer crash
  • Make IOServers to have priority High by default
  • Fixed CDPSignalGraphWidget crash when right-clicking on legend
  • Fixed slow startup/configure of slave IOServers
  • Fixed Modbus master/slave communication not working
  • Fixed an issue with CDPBaseUiLoaderWidget
  • Make CDP applications advertising themselves in StudioAPI Hello package by actual system (domain) name
  • Fixed multiple problems with loading custom graphics in big projects
  • Fixed suspend code in create threaded component wizard
  • Fixed property-values not appearing in GUI
  • Fixed re-parented properties in SNMPManager to be created with full name relative to component owner
  • Fixed threaded components so they can be Suspend()ed and Activate()ed
  • Fixed a bug with autonaming objects
  • Documentation improvements

Changelog - CDP Studio IDE v1.7.1 - Feb 2019

Hotfix v1.7.2 - February 2019

  • Fix possible hang when connecting and browsing nodes


Highlights v1.7.1

  • Officially support for QML
  • Usability: Show all broken CDP routings in issues pane
  • Usability: Make project remember Configure Mode collapsed tables setup between sessions
  • New step-by-step tutorials and updated examples
  • Squashed some crashes

Improvements and corrections

  • Reduce Studio memory usage
  • Display the developer license key to user
  • Improve error messages when model xml specifies subcomponent
  • Make StateTransitions Name FromState and ToState to be read-only in Configure mode
  • Add missing QWebView widget
  • Fix displaying property description in online mode
  • Fix sending Messages from CDP Studio IDE only working once when testing system
  • Fix code mode "Open Terminal Here" context menu not working
  • Fix Design mode themeRootDir not working for all styling properties
  • Fix project upgrade failing if studio is started by double clicking the project file
  • Fix Element declarations in model file causes errors after upgrade
  • Fix Analyze mode plot to not be able to add Library project nodes
  • Fix Application ID sometimes changing itself when it should not
  • Fix Library editor not renaming or removing function-based objects from code
  • Fix Studio table showing signal in inherited node twice
  • Fix Configurator not adding nested objects when updating library
  • Fix Help index getting sometimes getting broken causing missing help
  • Fix form routing updater not updating routings in CDPSignalGraph
  • Fix Required attribute in model file not respected
  • Fix broken links in Studio help
  • Documentation updates


Changelog - CDP Studio IDE v1.7 - Dec 2018


New features v1.7

  • Added a new welcome page with easily accessible examples and tutorials to get you up to speed faster
  • Added wizards to File>>New to create new systems, libraries and applications
  • Show helpful tips at startup
  • Added support for the ability to split and undock multiple configure windows
  • Clean-up of the Configure mode, to hide content that is not normally needed
  • You can now access a running system without having the project with source code locally on your computer, very useful for maintenance
  • You now can turn your existing configuration into reusable models using the new library configuration editor with copy and paste support
  • Analyze mode plot layouts now continuously autosave
  • The licensing system is rewritten to be able to continue to provide new functionality and services
  • Added model editor for library projects to Configure mode. This removes the need of manually editing XML files of your models


Improvements and corrections

  • Added default help to Ctrl+K search
  • Analyze mode now only pauses the graph when using the button
  • Added support for int64/uint64 in database and stored signal dataproviders
  • Fixed project not building after upgrade
  • Remove Copy Content from Configure mode tables
  • Removed additional libxcb dependencies
  • Added confirmation dialog when deploying
  • Hide CDP node from Configure mode project tree
  • Fixed Copy not copying selected items when they are default in parent
  • Fixed models not found through StudioAPI after connect
  • Fixed renaming system not renaming application domain
  • Fixed operator on signal listed twice
  • Fixed Analyze mode draw behavior causing broken plot drawing
  • Fixed order of columns in Configure mode tables
  • Hide resource tree in online mode
  • Fixed code generated by CDPNode wizard causing build to fail
  • Fixed Alarm pane to remove all acknowledged alarms
  • Fixed Studio writing to wrong signal when editing routings with signals filtered
  • Fixed application not running on windows because of ftd2xx.dll is missing
  • Fixed Studio hang when connecting to large systems
  • Fixed AcceptsBase not tolerating being overridden
  • Fixed using up/down arrow keys corrupting values when editing in configure mode
  • Fixed GUI application not starting on Ubuntu 16.04.5 because of
  • Fixed QQuickWidget hang when adding it to the mainwindow in designer
  • Fixed Radix="16" not displayed for Value column
  • Fixed reuse of names of deleted subcomponent
  • Fixed new columns not appearing in Configure mode tables without deleting .user file
  • Fixed upgrade project failing because directory cannot be renamed
  • Fixed property table highlights
  • Fixed relative routing red when navigating into Signal view and autocomplete is wrong
  • Fixed historic data not invisible, zoom level determines if (history source) data shows 
  • Fixed renaming a component not causing rename of routings in GUI
  • Documentation improvements
  • Crash fixes

Changelog - CDP Studio IDE v1.6 - July 2018


New features v1.6

  • Analyze Mode Graph improvements, most useful are that time stamps are now show as relative tick labels and the possibility to set x-axis time span


Hotfix v1.6.2 - August 2018

  • Fix memory usage
  • Make CDP model errors more helpful
  • Performance improvements

Hotfix v1.6.1 - July 2018

  • Fix possible crash when opening menu in Code Mode


Improvements and corrections

  • Fixed library not compiling if name contains a hyphen
  • Added error message when deploying to unpaired device
  • Fixed Import Library ignoring symbolic links
  • Fixed crash when removing resource
  • Fixed random crash when touching breadcrumbs bar
  • Fixed build still using old include dirs after upgrading and cleaning project
  • Fixed upgrade project failing if some source files are open in code mode
  • Fixed Studio not showing app with the same name as system
  • Fixed CDP GUI app not starting on Debian Stretch
  • Fixed random crash on Studio shutdown
  • Fixed CDP Studio deploy not working on Debian Stretch
  • Fixed installer sometimes not warning about closing Studio when it should
  • Fixed double clicking on project file not opening it in studio
  • Fixed crash in CDPEventList when used in Studio Design Mode
  • Fixed crash when coming out of hibernate
  • Fixed issue that some antivirus programs flagged cdpstudio.exe as malware
  • Improved CDPStudio to work with bigger systems
  • Fixed setting values in operator arguments table not updating with value
  • Fixed Add to Logger greyed out on CDPChannel table
  • Make our rsync upload package step support a wider range of filesystem
  • Toolkit names have been renamed
  • List CDP libraries in CDPStudio Add Library wizard
  • Prevent accidental delete of components

Changelog-CDP Studio Framework v4.5 - July 2018

     New features v4.5

    • New generic IO server ExternalControlIO to enable interaction with a wide range of internet services and controller environment. Use examples are e-mail, logging to cloud, use of REST, check connectivity, run commands, get weather forecast, log to text file, get JSON values, get UPS status, run background tasks, create RRD and send SMS. Supported protocols/functions are Run cmd, HTTP, FTP, REST, SMTP etc
    • Added a Python client allowing Python programs to interact with CDP Applications
    • Added prebuilt OpenCV libraries and an example project
    • Added support for Revolution Pi and I/O modules from Kunbus
    • Added support for INSYS icom routers
    • Added support Beckhoff EK9000 with EL- modules


    Hotfix v4.5.3 - October 2018

    • Fix for incorrect priority change in CDPEngine high thread


    Hotfix v4.5.2 - September 2018

    • Fixed CANopen issue working when MessageSDOReadRequest or MessageSDOWriteRequest are used and possible crash when CANIOServer received SDO response


    Hotfix v4.5.1 - August 2018

    • Fix warnings in model files
    • Allow users to extend Alarms and Parameters
    • Implement CDPConnector::SetProperty and add saveOnChange argument
    • Fix local periodic properties not going to 0 when KeepLastValueOnDisconnect is disabled
    • Fix sending Messages with parameters not working correctly

    Improvements and corrections

    • Added support for new Wago modules, 750-471 and 750-632 PWM
    • Improved logging performance
    • CDP Framework 4.1 has been removed from installer, project upgrade scripts still supported
    • modbusio_deprecated has been removed
    • Fixed CDPBaseWidgets resetting properties that are set after svgFile
    • Support SlaveNode enable/disable trough MsgNMTCommand
    • Fixed MessengerIOServer blocking for 0.89 milliseconds
    • Fixed CDPAlarm LoggingEnabled property having incorrect value when connected
    • Fix CDPLogger sometimes stopping logging after app handle change
    • Fixed event based property values going to 0 when routed application drops
    • Fixed BlockedStates in CDPAlarm
    • Fixed remote String type Property not propagating its initial value on reconnect
    • Fixed XMLParser failing to parse valid empty XML tag in format <Tag />
    • Fixed SeatexMRUIOServer not accepting data at correct rate
    • Fixed crash in CDPLogger when closed before initialization
    • Fixed StudioAPI issue if application handle changes
    • Fixed LightWebUI Demo not initializing desired temperature
    • Fixed crash in UI App when QQuickWidget is used on linux in UI
    • Fixed GUI sometimes stopping updating
    • Fixed XMLParser not escaping the "&" character
    • Fixed StudioAPI.js broken child function in the new version
    • Fixed Studioapi.js find function to behave as expected
    • Fixed possible GUI app crashes after plotting signals for couple of minutes
    • Fixed CDPAlarm to Clear and Ack its status if the alarm becomes disabled
    • Add note about Wago modbus to do 'recreate ea.xml' when modules are changed
    • Make old CDP versions compatible with Studio 1.6 fixed XMLParserLib

    Changelog-CDP Studio Framework v4.4.1 - March 2018


      Hotfix v4.4.3 - April 2018

      • Fix crash in CDPEngine when continuously handle-swapping


      Hotfix v4.4.2 - April 2018

      • Fixed a problem where the control application could crash when connecting to a GUI application


      New features v4.4.1

      • New User Interface (UI) loader widget allowing multiple UI files in the same application to build large and complex GUI requiring multiple views or leaf’s
      • New container GUI widget allows html5 content, pictures, videos etc to be viewed in a widget based GUI made in Design Mode
      • New GUI theme giving an extra look and feel option for designing user interfaces including demo to demonstrate the possibilities with the new theme
      • Support for Beckhoff KL series remote I/O. More details on our CDP Support site
      • New operators (mathematical function) for IIR filter and Ramp filter
      • New greenhouse demo application


      Improvements and corrections

      • Fixed invalid routing even if routing should have been ok
      • Fixed Modbus byte swapping of datatypes
      • Fixed property routing not recovering when changed to invalid and then back to valid
      • Fixed property value change slowness
      • Fixed PWM operator
      • Fixed GUI application to not generate events when widgets use CDPSignals with local routing
      • Enabled debug symbols for core libraries
      • Fixed invalid error message in MQTTIO when certificate/key path is wrong
      • Added support for AWS IoT cloud service in MQTT
      • Fixed a bug where DB Graph widget legend size was too large
      • Fixed ADS1115IOServer EnableAX where it was enabled in offline mode but disabled in online
      • Fixed Modbus (for Wago) which had SlaveID 0 as default but should have SlaveID 1
      • Fixed StudioAPI.js .child function
      • Fixed SNMPManagerIO writing to xml file when property-values have changed
      • Fixed malformed XML when adding document
      • Fixed CDPLogger falling behind in some cases
      • Fixed memory leak when disconnecting property with event based routing
      • Fixed ModbusIO RS-485 serial not working
      • Fixed ADS1115 IOServer failing to set correct error message to transmission alarm text
      • Fixed models deriving from CDPNode to have Unique attribute set
      • Fix web examples and templates to use new version of studioapi.js
      • Fixed MQTTIO run-time property default values to match with XML default values
      • Fixed MQTTBroker not working if remotely deployed under "root" user
      • Add GUI demo with new theme
      • Support slider to fill to current value
      • Fixed routing of properties created under CDPNode
      • Fixed routing CDPProperty to several CDP Signals
      • Improved CDPSignalGraphWidget performance
      • Fixed crash when CDPSignal Routing is dot
      • Fixed GUI demo freeze on spin button click
      • Fixed CDPSignalGraphWidget causing routings to not work
      • Added documention for ForceFeedbackJoystick IOServer
      • Fixed memory leak when creating "BaseModel"
      • Documentation improvements

      Changelog - CDP Studio IDE v1.5 - March 2018

      Hotfix v1.5.1 - April 2018

      • Fix CDP application starting on loopback interface even if a local interface has been selected

      • Corrected documentation for setting up Cygwin SSH server to fix GUI applications not showing when run from Studio on windows targets.

      • Add 'breakpad' crash-reporting

      New features

      • A new bulk editing of information is added and it is now possible to perform bulk changes of information in table objects in the Configure Mode
      • Import and export of information is added and supports file formats as CSV. This allows import and export of I/O lists and configurations and other information
      • Support for removing resource and library
      • Copy and paste of configuration inside CDP Studio and from to/from external applications like Excel


      Improvements and corrections

      • Fixed crash when connecting/stopping system with multiple applications
      • Support memory allocation up to 4G
      • Improved memory consumption
      • Fixed CDP Studio IDE crash when New File or Project is selected without project open
      • Fixed license request page not supporting special characters
      • Fixed library cross-build with CDP Framework 4.1 toolkit (windows)|
      • Fixed crash when adding remote network
      • Fixed GUI app not starting with CDP Framework 4.1
      • Fixed project compiling issue if home folder contains spaces
      • Fixed remote deploy issue if username contains spaces
      • Fixed possible CDP Studio IDE crash when removing components/applications
      • Fixed field validator for hex values
      • Improved CDP Studio IDE to allow dragging Components to System on Project tree
      • Fixed Studio crash if clicking back after removing a signal
      • Fixed adding of new CDP objects in newly created class in code mode
      • Fixed Rsync crash while deploying from windows to Wago pfc 100/200
      • Fixed upgrade script crash when native python version differs and has regex
      • Fixed remote deploy failing issue when incompatible .ssh/config is found in system
      • Fixed remote deploy issue if project path contains spaces
      • Fixed GUI application not able to start outside of CDP Studio IDE (Linux)
      • Fixed 'Add to Logger' not always working
      • Improved performance in analyse mode
      • Improved library build time then multiple toolkits are selected
      • Improved alarm pane to display alarm text
      • Fixed crash when initiating several multi node removal procedures
      • Decreased the size of several toolkits
      • Fixed slowness of adding multiple channels
      • Fixed a crash in DemoGUI when adding scaling points
      • Fixed QQuickWidget not working runtime due to plugins not deployed
      • Improved section order of configuration for Wago/Weidmuller/Phoenix IOServers
      • Fixed upgrade tool to support paths with spaces
      • Fixed QWebView widget not showing when running GUI applications
      • Fixed GPIOPin input value toggle not displaying correctly when value is initially 1 in connected mode
      • Fixed CDP Studio IDE crash after stopping application and closing project
      • Fixed CDP Studio IDE crash when clicking Stop from context menu
      • Fixed crash on exit if application with logger component
      • Fixed Web UI demo not working on Internet Explorer
      • Fixed adding custom graphics to GUI not working correctly
      • Fixed deploy of lib for all cross-compiler toolchains if source path contained spaces
      • Fixed 'Add Library' wizard to not contain duplicate entries
      • Fixed subcomponent prototypes not added to component
      • Improve system connect time
      • Improved Analyse mode performance
      • Documentation improvements

      Changelog - CDP Studio IDE v1.4.0 - Dec 2017

      New features

      • Improved deployment time to target device. Deployment now uses rsync and which files to deploy has been optimized.
        Note, rsync must be supported on the target device. For Linux systems rsync is sometimes pre-installed, if not use the Linux package manager or equivalent. For Windows, use Cygwin to install rsync. Updated WAGO image with rsync can be downloaded from
      • Deploy debug binaries in the Debug Mode. Deploying from elsewhere in CDP Studio will deploy release binaries.
      • GUI theme selector enables you to switch between graphical themes – new GUI themes will shortly be available
      • Documentation improvement and updates

      Improvements and corrections

      • Clean command added to make it possible to run an application without rebuilding
      • Fixed a case where adding or renaming a property via the code generator could cause a crash
      • Fixed a case where a crash could occur when being connected to system while updating library
      • Fixed a case where reordering CDPSignal Operators could cause a crash
      • rsync & ssh added to toolkits, and updated toolkits released
      • Ensured that Fetch Configuration from Local PC always works
      • Fetch Configuration is updated to use rsync
      • License file can now be transferred to target device without re-deploying the system
      • Fixed a case where a crash could occur if switching quickly between GUI and regular application
      • Fixed a case where Analyze mode graph could hang if detached when closing Studio
      • Several smaller changes to the installer; Fixed ordering of CDP version, updated installer framework, make sure latest CDP version is autoexpanded, etc.
      • Fixed a mismatch between Studio version number in About Studio and the maintenance tool
      • Simplified the configuration for using the database graph widget to connect to CDPLogger
      • Fixed a case where the mouse cursor showed forbidden-sign even if it wasn't
      • Made sure I2CIOServer doesn't give unnecessary warnings about short names being too long
      • Removed warning about missing attribute in models in HomeControl demo
      • Added a comparison table for IEC61131-3 to operators in documentation
      • Made sure contextual help (F1) on PhoenixContactIOModules operators work
      • Fixed memory leaks on library model tree rebuild and on system close 

      Changelog - CDP Studio Framework v4.4.0 - Dec 2017

        New features

        • MQTT industry protocol.
          CDP Studio now supports MQTT and enables CDP Studio applications to act as a MQTT client. A basic MQTT broker is also included.
        • New Operator:  Toggle – now supporting all the most important IEC 61131/3 operators, overview in the product help
        • Added support for a 16-bit analogue to digital converter ADS1115 
        • Documentation improvement and updates.

        Improvements and corrections

        • Fixed a case where ModbusIO could mix analog and digital channels
        • Added some missing Weidmüller ModbusIO analog output modules
        • Fixed a case where the CDPLogger could crash if no values were logged
        • A copy of a GUI theme's SVG files are now included with demo
        • Setting new values on some operator arguments did not show until leaving and entering them in GUI
        • Made sure static CDPModelContainer is thread-safe
        • Fixed a case where property value change callback was called when value was not changed
        • Unnecessary ProcessTimer and SignalTimeoutTimer properties in all IOServers have been removed
        • Unnecessary properties for I2C configuration have been removed
        • Fixed a case where graphwidgets submodule control could reach end of non-void function
        • Added a property for hiding and showing graph widget legend
        • Fixed a case where database widget plot was invisible
        • Removed unused items and properties from configure mode
        • CDPObject Handle property changed to unsigned int
        • Fixed problem with DatabaseGraphWidget flickering and zoom level changing when new signals were added to database
        • Fixed a case where MOdbusIOServer would not show as offline if there was no communication to any node
        • Changed Time signal for NMEA0183 GPGGA Telegram to double
        • Fixed warning about unused variables in SNMPIOBuilder
        • Fixed an issue in response generation for ModbusSlave, returned wrong amount of registers in some cases
        • Application::WorkerTask now use event instead of polling
        • Added transport ports defaults to SeatexMRU IOServer
        • Fixed discrepancy between database widget refresh rate and logging rate
        • Added Description property to IOModules
        • Added Description for all WagoIOModules
        • HomeControlSim and LightWebUI demos had missing attribute causing warnings
        • Removed some non-relevant <bool> operator types
        • Fixed an issue where changing axis selected colour does not work on database graph widget
        • Database graph automatic reconnect now enabled by default

        Changelog - CDP Studio Framework v4.3.0 - Oct 2017

          New features

          • Our selection of automation library operators is now extended to include the following: Add, Mul and Div, PIDRegulator, Min and Max Limits, KalmanFilter, Signal Delay, Mask, Mathematical Expression Evaluation, MovingAverage.
            All operators are now gathered in the automation lib.
          • Lots of documentation improvement and updates.


          Note: Modbus configuration must be manually updated if upgrading CDP version from 4.2 to 4.3 in existing projects.

          Improvements and corrections

          • CDPLogger server port is now configurable
          • DBServer should not open port on all network interfaces
          • Fixed a case with wrong output message when not having sufficient permissions
          • Change to ensure that when adding a scaling point at (0,0), an input of 0 does give 0 output
          • Documented how to communicate with Arduino
          • Renamed WagoIO to WagoPFCIO and WagoIOServer to WagoPFCIOServer
          • Meter now supports filling up to current value
          • New radio button widget added
          • Value type in CDPLogger can now be changed
          • Made it possible to scale meter value, prefix and postfix if there is not enough space
          • Toggle button now supports switching knob and background when switching mode on/off
          • IOServers now include (short)name in warnings/errors
          • Fixed a case where CDPCore prints dynamic exception specifications as deprecated warnings
          • Refactored Modbus library to allow to generically add IOModule models
          • Added pre-defined sentences to NMEAIO
          • Resource tooltip was missing or invalid for some resources in resource tree
          • Added support for TCP Listening transport
          • Fixed a case where invalid property values for CDPBaseContainer caused CDP Studio to crash
          • Fixed some sub-optimal CDPLogger Properties in online mode
          • Fixed a case where unsigned char data was mapped incorrectly
          • CAN RPDO TPDO Nr attribute was limited to 1-4
          • Fix for missing CDPSignal operator *=()
          • Fixed incorrect RemotePort and LocalPort descriptions
          • Added 'Type' attribute that was missing from some models
          • Fixed a case where WagoIOServer caused access violation and blocked application
          • CanOpen ObjectDictonary Model attribute was not set as read-only in model
          • Fixed faulty SVG in CDPBaseSlider
          • Ensure CDP addons have help landing pages when pressing F1
          • Fixed that the widgetStyle property in CDPBaseMeter only worked at startup
          • Fixed a case where changing signal routing during run time could crash the application
          • Ensure CDPMessages flush/print lines on stop()
          • Remove repeated periodic message when starting WagoIO component on local PC
          • Updated theme of Database Widgets
          • Fixed a case where a UI Widget caused CDP Studio to crash
          • Fixed a case where the src attribute in component files contained absolute path
          • Made CDPLogger update routing stored to database
          • Fixed a case where CANOpen SignalChannels showed random values if telegrams received were not for particular TPDO/RPDO
          • Fixed a broken NMEA submodule
          • Fixed a case where NMEAOnSerial could crash when receiving data without '*' at the end

          Changelog - CDP Studio IDE v1.3.0 - Oct 2017

          New features

          • Extended support for Wago hardware from the 750-series via Modbus TCP/UDP.
            • Added support for the following buscouplers and PLCs:
              750-342, 750-352, 750-352 XTR, 750-315, 750-316, 750-852, 750-881, 750-882, 750-885, 750-880 XTR, 750-815, 750-816.
            • We support the variants of the PFC100/200 in two ways:
              • Communicate with it via Modbus, as a PLC
              • Run CDP applications directly on the PFC
          • Added support for Weidmüller U-Remote IO series model UR20-FBC-MOD-TCP via Modbus TCP. 
          • Added support for Phoenix Contact AXL F BK ETH buscoupler via Modbus TCP/UDP.
          • For all abovementioned hardware units, CDP applications support all Analog and Digital I/O modules.
          • Built-in git support in CDP Studio is now available. See documentation inside CDP Studio Help Mode for how to get started.
          • Additional improvements to widget theme available in Design Mode.
          • Updated demos in CDP Studio, and several new demos available on
          • Lots of documentation improvement and updates.

          Improvements and corrections

          • Ensure description for model is shown as tooltip in resources
          • Ensure that CDP version a project is created with is shown to the user
            Increased width of columns "Deploy path" and "Toolkit" in Configure Mode
          • Ensure the git plugin works depending on active project
          • Ensure the context menu update its actions when context menu is open
          • Improved order of columns in Configure Mode
          • Ensure CDPStudio warns about error in XML format that prevents loading component files
          • Ensure changed column widths are remembered
          • Added tooltip for 'Create New System' and 'Create New Library'
          • Double click on column header will now auto-expand column to content width
          • Improve history length in graphs
          • Fixed a case that could cause a crash when moving component
          • CDP libraries were not deployed when newer version already existed in deploy directory. Now they will be deployed if version is not matching
          • Fixed a case where hiding all columns in a section created a blank white row
          • Fixed typo in CDPConfigurator descriptorxmlreader
          • Fixed a case where parameter value did not show correct value in Offline view
          • Fixed a case where it wasn't possible to add remote networks when remote ssh access plugin was enabled
          • Fixed a case where automatic run on Linux (raspberry pi) might not work
          • Fixed a case where Help mode entries switched location when opening a project
          • Fixed a case where wrong toolkit was displayed after restart
          • Fixed a case where selecting UDPIOServer in project tree cause seg-fault
          • Ensure GPIOPinIO Pin numbering display correctly in configure mode while connected
          • Fixed a crash in CDPConfigurator
          • Removed illogical menu items on applications not part of the system
          • Fixed a case on Windows where CDP Studio crashed on File -> Exit
          • Ensure Section decl in library models finds valid models from core
          • Fixed a case where CDP Studio switched back to loopback network interface when different interface was set
          • Fixed a case where removing an application from under a system left leftovers in filesystem
          • Fixed a crash in configurator when Subcomponent Model attribute was invalid
          • Ensure the "Add to Logger..." context menu is disabled if the system is connected
          • Ensure config.xml exists before closing the project
          • Fixed a case where Help from Resources did not work for WagoIOModules
          • Ensure the default size for drop-down combo box is set
          • Fixed a case where right-click on plus button in table inserts the row. Should only happen on left-click
          • Fixed a case where fetch configuration did not work
          • Configurator didn't provide warning when attribute 'Type' was not specified
          • Removed unnecessary attributes in Node and RPDO elements
          • Made Attribute values inside Element in model-files override Attribute values
          • Fixed a case where CDP Studio initial start created "System experienced error" screen
          • Optimized number of open files (could cause SIGTRAP) when logging signals

          Changelog - CDP Studio IDE v1.2.1 - July 2017

          • Fixed a crash that could occur when connecting to a running application
          • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening Analyze Mode
          • Update to YouTube video tutorial links in Help Mode
          • Reformat and update of documentation


          Changelog - CDP Studio Framework v4.2.1  - July 2017

          • Fixed XML errors/warnings for XMLLocation
          • Fixed an issue that caused some of the documentation in Help Mode to be incomplete
          • Fixed an issue where components CDPProperty did not write its changes to XML when SaveOnChange was set
          • Fixed an issue in CDPLogger that could cause StudioAPIClient to crash when finding logged values
          • Fixed an issue that caused applications to crash
          • Reformat and update of documentation

          Changelog - CDP Studio Framework v4.2.0 - June 2017

            New features

            • Added support for the Logger into the CDP Studio environment
            • Added a new widget theme for GUI applications, with day and night mode
            • Added support for GPIOServer
            • Added support for NMEA protocol
            • Added support for SNMP protocol
            • Added support for the Seatex MRU IOServer
            • Upgraded to Qt 5.6 (LTS version)
            • Much improved memory usage
            • Added DatabaseGraphWidget which can be used in GUI
            • Added support for Interlock Operator
            • Added LPS25HPressure model to I2CIO and required operators

            Improvements and corrections

            • Documentation improvements
            • Fixed an issue where CDPEventList did not not update symbol (pixmap) column when status had changed
            • Fixed an issue where DatabaseGraphWidget threads keep running after widget is deleted from Designer
            • Fixed an issue where DatabaseGraphWidgets that don't do anything use unnecessary CPU
            • Fixed an issue where OSAPIEvent could hang when wait was below 10ns
            • Changed default fs rate in some components
            • Fixed some minor issues in model files
            • Fixed issue with float endian conversion creating spikes in IOServers
            • Fixed issue with I2CIO channel's fullnames not containing device name
            • Fixed issue with routing from ModbusSlaveTCPIOServer not allowing to use node and packet names in CDP
            • Refactored ACDPBaseChannel to not use ntoh<T> hton<T> and to operate on raw char buffer
            • RestartRandom() method in Timers removed
            • Fixed issue with canopen.prf not linking canusb.lib
            • Fixed issue with operators being referenced by CDPSignalChannels after deletion
            • Fixed issue with CDPMain not respecting return code from CDPMain.Start()
            • Fixed issue with GetNodeTypeName in CDPNode wizard c++ code template
            • CDPComponent::Status() and CDPConnector::State(const char*) are now const
            • Fixed error in documentation for CM_ALARMACKNOWLEDGE stating that alarms in subcomponents were also acknowledged
            • Fixed issue where WagoIOServer didn't handle modules 750-1406, 750-501 and 750-515 correctly
            • Fixed issue with wrong output from application about lacking privileges
            • Corrected value of NumberOfNodes signal in IOServer, and updated description
            • Fixed issue in ModbusSlaveLib where NumberOfNodesOnline signal was 0 with UDP slave/master
            • Improved description of CDPSignals InternalValue property
            • When an application is disconnected, signals now go to configured SafeValue if application is configured to use SafeValue
            • Fixed issue with connecting to CDP application on loopback interface when having multiple applications
            • An alarm is set if loopback network interface is chosen when another IP is configured in Application.xml
            • Increased message buffer sizes for CDPEngine and Messenger
            • Use GetGlobalTime() instead of GlobalClock in IOServers to avoid influence by clocksynch
            • Fixed issue with CDP applications not exiting gracefully on Linux
            • Removed some unnecessary warnings in examples
            • Fixed issue with ModbusSlaveTCPIOServer not displaying IOConfig properly in connected state
            • Fixed issue with incorrect property-value in EventList
            • Made CDPSignal operator routing consistent

            Changelog - CDP Studio IDE v1.2.0 - June 2017


            • The data logger is integrated in CDP Studio IDE, The Logger enables logging of signals and property changes in control systems, to view the data in Analyse Mode, design special applications with new data logger widgets and to download information from remote systems

            • Brand new widget theme available in Design mode

            • All Wago PFC100/200 IO modules pre-configured and support drag and drop

            • Multiple CDP Studio Framework versions available from within the CDP Studio IDE, i.e. use CDP Studio IDE ver. 1.2 to work on projects delivered using CDP Framework 4.1 for support and upgrades without having to upgrade the Framework version

            • Improved speed when deploying system files to target hardware

            • Added support for relative routing to the routing selector

            New features

            • Multiple CDP Studio Framework versions available from within the Studio IDE
            • Added a new WebUI demo
            • Added support for relative routing to the routing selector
            • Improved speed when deploying system files to target hardware
            • Added support for entering property values in hex
            • Added shortcut to Maintenance Tool to Help menu
            • Added device manufacturer in Devices table based on MAC scanning
            • Add support for drag and drop of pre-configured IO modules for Wago PFC100/200

            Improvements and corrections

            • Documentation improvements
            • Fixed a crash that could occur when resizing graph in analyse mode
            • Reduced application size
            • CDP Studio Scheduler is refactored to use boost to overcome issue with lack of support of steady_clock in toolkits, which could cause problems when changing time on a controller
            • Fixed an issue where moving components around the system tree could cause invalid routings
            • Ensure that the correct toolkit is selected when re-opening a project
            • Fixed an issue that prevented pro and header file update when a component was moved between applications
            • Fixed an issue where Studio in certain situations could crash on close
            • Fixed an issue with licensing dialogue appearing when it shouldn't
            • Fixed some issues with invalid links in Help files
            • Fixed an issue with Run icon being displayed when it shouldn't
            • Removed some unnecessary warnings when debugging on Raspberry
            • Fixed an issue with retrieving MAC addresses on Ubuntu 16.10
            • Fixed an issue with preservation of system configuration through restart
            • Fixed an issue where CDP Studio could hang in some situations when working with a big application
            • Fixed an issue where request for new runtime license was sent out when using an existing license
            • Fixed an issue where the Run icon showed even though the application was not running
            • Fixed an issue where a project couldn't be set to Active in configure mode
            • Removed some unnecessary warnings when building applications and libraries
            • Added better descriptions to the various items in the installer
            • Video tutorial overview in Help mode updated
            • Native toolkit can now be de-selected upon install
            • Fixed an issue when initializing debugging
            • Fixed an issue where update check could fail
            • Fixed an issue where calling setValue on non-value node caused a crash
            • Fixed an issue where a library's xml got changed when opening a system that used the library
            • Added some missing files to Windows native toolkit
            • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening a recent project
            • Fixed an issue where models was re-added to lib.xml
            • Fixed an issue with updating routings when moving a component
            • Fixed a memory leak in CDP Studio GUI
            • Fixed an issue with library resources not always appearing in configure mode
            • Fixed an error message appearing if having two child elements called Task
            • Fixed an issue with SIG32 error when remote debugging on Linux
            • Made it much simpler to port projects from one Framework 4.x version to another 4.x version
            • Fixed an issue with EditRow TypeHint Selection delegate not having content
            • Fixed an issue with system applications losing their config
            • Fixed an issue with scalingpoints ignoring decimals with more than 5 digits after the period
            • Fixed issue with application node occasionally not added to system tree 
            • Fixed an issue where Studio didn't update MAC address of scanned devices
            • CDP Studio should no longer select loopback network interface if another interface has been actively chosen and becomes available
            • Fixed an issue where a GUI application could cause a hang
            • Fixed a crash issue when closing Studio when a system was connected
            • Make sure graph curves remain on the graph if the connected application crashes (for debugging purposes)
            • Improved layout of Add/Remove Components in installer
            • Fixed a crash issue if selected network adapter was disabled
            • Fixed an issue where Studio could crash when Windows was coming out of hibernation
            • Fixed an issue with graph timestamp being incorrect
            • Several textual dialogue improvements​