License and price

CDP Studio is an efficient and independent tool for developing automation systems ranging from small single controller systems to large complex industry solutions. CDP Studio is free for trials and for non-commercial use.

Professional users are welcome to to get an introduction to the studio and the licenses.




FREE license for Home Users (non-commercial), educational institutions and for CDP Studio trials.




Developer license

To develop your control system with CDP Studio you need a developer licence. You need the license to develop, test and maintain control systems. The developer licence gives access to the IDE and access to the pre-built functions in the framework. The license is a yearly licence per developer.


Developer licenses from USD 1999.


Run time license

When the automation system is developed and you are ready to launch to the target hardware, you need a run time licence. The run time license is a permanent license for the target hardware that runs your control system. Which package to select depends on your needs.

Please and we will provide you with a price estimate tailored to your needs. 

Run-time licenses from USD 199.


Our systems are free for trial, for home users and students (non-commercial use). Download and find out how easy it is to develop control systems for yourself.  


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