RampFilter Class


A Ramp filter operator. More...

Header: #include <RampFilter>
Inherits: CDPOperator<T>

Public Functions

RampFilter(const CDPPropertyBase &in)

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual void Configure(XMLPrimitive *operatorXML) override
virtual void Create(const char *shortName, CDPBaseObject *pParent) override
virtual void FillNodeChildren(CDP::StudioAPI::NodeStream &stream) const override
virtual std::string GetNodeTypeName() const override
virtual unsigned int Process() override

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

A Ramp filter operator.

This CDP operator limits how fast a signal is allowed to change (limits the first derivative). The Ramp filter operator output value always changes towards input value but do it never faster than the maximum allowed value change speed.


dYdtMaxMaximum allowed value change speed per second
ResetResets RampFilter calculation. When toggled from 0 to 1 RampFilter signal change history is cleared.


Below is an example plot of 1 Hz Sine signal (cyan) and the same signal with RampFilter operator with property dYdtMax=2.5 applied(orange):

Member Function Documentation

RampFilter::RampFilter(const CDPPropertyBase &in)

Constructs a RampFilter with input in.

[override virtual] void RampFilter::Configure(XMLPrimitive *operatorXML)

Reimplemented from CDPBaseObject::Configure().

[override virtual] void RampFilter::Create(const char *shortName, CDPBaseObject *pParent)

Reimplemented from CDPBaseObject::Create().

[override virtual] void RampFilter::FillNodeChildren(CDP::StudioAPI::NodeStream &stream) const

Reimplemented from CDPNode::FillNodeChildren().

Exposes himself and Arguments to Studio

[override virtual] std::string RampFilter::GetNodeTypeName() const

Reimplemented from CDPNode::GetNodeTypeName().

[override virtual] unsigned int RampFilter::Process()

Reimplemented from CDPOperatorBase::Process().

Does actual Ramp Filter output calculation.