SCPRequest and SFTPRequest

SCPRequest and SFTPRequest

SCPRequest and SFTPRequest allows CDP to read or write any file using SCP (Secure Copy) or SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) protocols on any remote SSH (Secure Shell) server.

SCPRequest and SFTPRequest share common properties with other URLRequests, but have also the following specific configuration properties:

URL<string>File URL (or pathname). Can be prefixed by SCP or SFTP protocol schemes (scp:// or sftp://).

Note: URL property will be processed by FormatTranslator before using, so you can send any request channel value in there, that can be useful for sending channel values as part of URL (note that values can also be ValueMap translated to any string).

MethodMethod to use for request. Choose between PUT for composing and writing request channels into file and GET for retrieving file content and parsed into response channels.
HostPublicKeyMD5<string>Set MD5 fingerprint (hash) that the remote host public key must match with. If the fingerprint does not match with the MD5 fingerprint (32 hexadecimal digits) provided then the request will fail with corresponding error message and error code.

Note: One easy way to get remote host current MD5 fingerprint for this property is to run the application (with corresponding SCPRequest and/or SFTPRequest), set ExternalControlBroker component Debug level to at least 3 and then find and copy fingerprint from Application Output log message like this CONN * SSH MD5 fingerprint: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

AllowAnyHostKey<bool>Disable remote host key verification. Default is to check remote host public key either by using fingerprint set by HostPublicKeyMD5 or by looking corresponding entry in CDP controller's ~/.ssh/known_hosts file (i.e. in the known_hosts file in the .ssh folder that is located in the user's home directory the application is running under)
SSHPrivateKeyFile<string>Private key file name (for SSH client authentication). Can be absolute or relative pathname to the CDP application folder.
PrivateKeyPwd<string>Pass-phrase for decrypting private key file (in cases private key is encrypted).