External Tools

External Tools

CDP Studio can be integrated with a wide range of external tools and libraries.

We have pre-integrated some tools and libraries to simplify the process of integrating them with CDP Studio and to get started. These tools and libraries are not part of the standard CDP Studio installation, but are available as separate downloadable modules from our download server, web page or Github.

OpenCV - Open Source Computer Vision Library

OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) is an open source computer vision and machine learning software library and this integration allows you to develop control systems using computer vision. It is released under a BSD license and hence it’s free for both academic and commercial use.

Read more about it in OpenCV page.


CDP Applications can work together with Python programs.


PythonCDPClient is a simple interface that allows Python scripts to connect to running CDP Applications, retrieve their structure and read/write object values. Installation instructions are here.

Note: alternative to PythonCDPClient is using ExternalControl I/O Server LocalCommandRun functionality which allows to communicate with any program (including a Python script) using stdin and stdout.


If running CDP Application contains a CDP Logger that has logged values to database, it is possible to use PythonCDPLoggerClient to query this historic data. Installation instructions are here.

HTML5 and Web User Interface

CDP Studio supports use of HTML5 user interfaces. A Javascript API allows to communicate with running CDP Applications.

This API is part of standard CDP installation and no separate download is required. See the Web UI documentation.


JavaCDPClient allows Java applications to connect to running CDP Applications, retrieve their structure and read/write object values.

Read more about it in the Java CDP Client page.

See also

CDP Studio allows you to integrate a wide range of different tools and libraries.

  • See Third Party Library Support documentation for a guideline on how to add 3rd party libraries to CDP Studio.
  • ExternalControl I/O allows CDP to integrate various external systems by running some local program or contacting them over network using HTTP, SMTP, SFTP, REST etc.