ForceFeedbackJoystick Configuration Manual


The ForceFeedbackJoystick I/O transforms game-device data from a joystick into CDP Signals.

Click here for a quick guide how to set up a ForceFeedbackJoystick Demo.

Configuring ForceFeedbackJoystick in CDPStudio

On Windows, no configuration is needed, the first joystick device is selected. On Linux, the device specified in the component property Device is passed to the Linux Joystick API. A typical Device value is '/dev/input/js0'.

Upon successful opening of a Device, the application will write out something like this

13:19:11.803 ForceFeedbackJoystick::Configure(): 9 button(s) mapped from XML.
14:21:10.065 The ForceFeedbackJoystick was successfully loaded:
14:21:10.065 - Driver version is 2.1.0.
14:21:10.065 - Connected joystick (THRUSTMASTER Wireless DT) has 6 axes and 12 buttons.

As can be seen from the above output, not all buttons may be accessible. For the above case, this can be fixed by adding 3 CDPSignal<bool> called 'Button_9', 'Button_10' and 'Button_11'. Buttons named 'Button_<number>' will be automatically mapped in from the joystick.

ForceFeedbackJoystick Demo

ForceFeedbackJoystick Demo - Describes how to run and configure a ForceFeedbackJoystick Demo