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Engine surveillance and control 

Brunvoll used the CDP framework in the development of their 4th generation Thruster Control, Alarm and Monitoring System - BruCon.

The system provides the complete control, monitoring and automation solution for the main propulsion equipment including their azimuth systems.

System features include software redundancy for safety, HPU interaction, graphical user interfaces for the operator, interaction with alarm and warning system, etc.

The system communicates and interacts with numerous other subsystems throughout the vessels, such as dynamic positioning and power management. 

Company: Brunvoll







3D active motion compensated gangways for offshore wind farms

Uptime’s motion compensated gangways are installed in advanced vessels maintaining offshore wind farms and on flotel vessels (floating hotels) for offshore oil exploration.

The CDP based control systems are used for these mission critical systems and systems are design with high safety criteria as operations involve personnel transfer in bad weather.

The Uptime motion compensated control system ensure active motion compensation of the gangway, docking of the gangway, adjustment of the pedestal, software redundancy in case of failures, signal and data logging, remote monitoring and much more.

The world’s first motion compensated helideck is also delivered by Uptime and developed using CDP.

Company: Uptime International AS


Motion compensated gangway



Simulators for training and verification

Marine Aluminium has built a full scale offshore gangway simulator for operator training and for verifying the gangway operation. The actual motion compensated gangway control system is connected to the CDP simulation module. This allows the operator to experience and work with the real control system using the actual user interfaces and joysticks. The instructor can set weather conditions and simulate failure situations.

The full visual experience is achieved by showing the graphics on a dome monitor. Unity gaming engine was integrated with CDP for graphical visualization.

Simulators are highly useful tools, whether they are visual simulators for operator training or dynamic simulators made for testing and development. 

Company: Marine Aluminium




SimulatorCobra simulator





Dynamic positioning systems

The Rolls-Royce Marine DP1 and DP2 (dynamic positioning) systems are developed with the CDP platform. The DP systems are safety-critical systems as they allow a vessel to remain at a fixed point, independent of weather conditions. Vessels often operate in close proximity of offshore oil installations.

Rolls-Royce Marine AS also use CDP as an all-encompassing control system platform for control systems for navigation, propulsion, handling, maneuvering, tank leveling, anti-roll systems and more. CDP is currently used in more than 1500 control systems delivered by Rolls-Royce Marine. Many of these systems have been in operation for many years, running on rugged, but affordable hardware.

Company: Rolls-Royce Marine





Fish feeding factory

The Steinsvik automatic fish feeding system used in salmon farming is developed using the CDP platform.

The operator defines a feeding plan in the system. Based on this plan the system automatically measures, transports and distributes fodder from fodder tanks to the individual fish cages.

Company: Steinsvik





Motion compensated offshore crane

TTS Offshore Solutions has delivered several large knuckle-boom cranes with active heave compensation that have CDP-based control systems.

The cranes operate in accordance with DNVs Lifting Appliances standard. The control system implements active wave compensation to ensure gentle non-destructive handling of advanced and expensive subsea equipment during subsea construction. The user interface includes a live load chart helping the operator to keep within the cranes permitted operating parameters.

In addition, the control systems manage the HPU (hydraulic pressure units with pumps and motors) and communication with numerous other subsystems throughout the vessels

Company: TTS-Offshore Handling Equipment now TTS Offshore Solutions



Control of process and production line

Havyard MMC have delivered a multitude of vacuum pump systems and well tank systems for fish processing plants, fishing vessels and live fish transport vessels.

These CDP based control systems are used to control mechanical parts, engine temperature, pump pressure, transport systems for moving fish inside the processing plants, onboard processing vessels and live fish transport vessels.

The systems have graphic user interfaces showing pump operation, water flow and fish through the system, this eases system operation.

Company: Havyard MMC AS



Havyard MMC




Extending existing system with logging, monitoring and real-time data analysis

EMGS has a fleet of electromagnetic (CSEM) vessels for oil exploration services and these have been running for a number of years.

The winch control systems have recently been upgraded with new functionality to extend the life time of the expensive umbilical wires.

The systems are extended with real-time monitoring and data analyses giving the operator a graphical view of wire usage. Signal logging, remote access and remote monitoring have also been added to the existing control system.

CDP was used to develop the new features and integrate to the existing system.

Company: EMGS



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