CDP Studio Robotex'18 Challenge

CDP Technologies Estonia will give out a prize of 1000 EUR to one winner selected from robots competing in any of the Robotex 2018 challenges.

A pre-requisite is the robot has been made with CDP Studio and uses CDP Framework for all or some parts of robot’s control system.

The participating robot must qualify to the Robotex'18 competition it has entered, take part in at least one of the Robotex'18 competitions and complete a round without being disqualified.

The related CDP Studio project with source code, its description, registered team name and competition name of the robot that will part take must be shared on Bitbucket with CDP Technologies user: cdptech to be included in the CDP Studio Robotex'18 Challenge.

The project must be shared before registration close date for Robotex 2018 competitions.

The projects may be updated later, but the changes may not be taken into account during evaluation of the projects.

​The official competition rules will be published on Robotex site in the beginning of 2018.


Introduction to CDP Studio

CDP Studio for Home projects - Free license

CDP Studio is a complete development environment together with a compehensive toolbox that allows you to make home control system projects on any computer or on a Raspberry Pi.

See our Non Commercial section for lots of info and projects examples with source code.

Robotex 2017 CDP Technologies demo Wall following Robot car

     Introduction to CDP Studio

     CDP Studio and Raspberry Pi

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