CDP Studio gives you the tools for efficient system development that support the full life cycle of your products, from development through testing to support and maintenance. The system comes with a wide range of pre-made features and functions required to develop control systems, and in addition you get GUI widgets libraries, logging systems, industry protocols, toolchains and the ability to integrate third-party functionality.

In other words, a complete feature rich development environment in a single solution, unifying development, testing, support and maintenance phases. 


CDP Studio was created to simplify control system development. The efficiency is achieved through the combination of using our toolkits, the wide set of pre-tested functions, automatic code-generation and the ability to make your own reusable libraries. Tedious and repetitive tasks are thereby removed. The ability to follow the system from development to maintenance simplifies the development process, ensuring consistency, which in turn reduces overall complexity and workload. 


CDP Studio permits you to create designs independent of constraints imposed by vendors, hardware, controllers, operating systems and physical distribution. The application logic is developed independently of the hardware, giving you the flexibility to select hardware components suitable for your application. You may even mix and match different vendors and hardware types in the same control system.

This flexibility is a safeguard for your development investment as the system can easily be migrated to new hardware vendors, hardware types and operating systems. New features and functions can be added to new hardware and integrated with existing systems.


CDP Studio creates reliable control systems that can be used on mission critical systems. It can be integrated with software version control systems (e.g. GIT) ensuring reliable control over your system software.

CDP has already been used on thousands of mission critical control systems, such as marine and offshore gangways and engine control systems. These control systems have been in operation for more than ten years.