Run control systems or an IIOT gateway on the new generation Linux based routers.

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CDP Studio’s open framework, flexible architecture and real-time capability makes it suited for a wide range of applications.

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Build fast, distributed control systems on industrial computers.

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New CDP Studio release comes with Revolution Pi, Beckhoff EL and INSYS support, Python integration, OpenCV pre-integration and the External Control IO server, a powerful function allowing integration to a wide range of external services and systems.

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A flexible and cost-efficient method of designing condition monitoring (CBM) systems with no vendor lock-in, open interface to analyst providers and using standard industrial sensors.

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CDP Studio is suited for many use cases. Here we give some examples of applications that CDP Studio can be used in addition to developing distributed control systems.

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CDP Studio is demonstrated running on IR809 Linux router

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This describes how CDP based control systems and applications operate and interact with hardware. CDP Studio allows you to develop systems that can run on different hardware device types and from different vendors. CDP Studio works with Industrial PCs, Hybrid PLC controllers, remote I/O and IIOT/IOT devices. 

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CDP Studio used on the worlds most advanced arctic research vessel

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Havyard MMC have delivered a multitude of vacuum pump systems and well tank systems for fish processing plants, fishing vessels and live fish transport vessels.

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The Rolls-Royce Marine DP1 and DP2 (dynamic positioning) systems are developed with the CDP platform.

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Marine Aluminium has built a full scale offshore gangway simulator for operator training and for verifying the gangway operation.

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Uptime’s motion compensated gangways are installed in advanced vessels maintaining offshore wind farms and on flotel vessels (floating hotels) for offshore oil exploration.

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“Thousands of CDP systems in operation since 2004”

CDP Studio

CDP Studio is a comprehensive development tool to build industrial control, automation and edge systems. CDP Studio is suitable for a wide range of applications and industries, independent of hardware vendors. Build new or extend existing systems; integrate open source, use IOT devices and connect to cloud services.

The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is an extensive development environment. You can create reusable libraries, develop user interfaces (UI) with custom or predefined widgets, configure and define systems, monitor and graph real time values, debug, and deploy control systems to the target hardware.

The CDP Studio Framework is a collection of libraries. The Framework contains essential features and readymade functions that you need to build and run control systems.   

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A brief introduction to CDP Studio


CDP Studio professional consultants have in-depth experience in working with CDP Studio, and the development of real-time control systems. Working with CDP consultants gives you access to their expert knowledge gained over years in applications development, system architecture and product maintenance.

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CDP Studio training comprises hands-on class room training with an instructor. General training courses are available, in addition to specifically tailored classes for individual companies.

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