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How CDP Studio works

with hardware

CDP Studio is the ultimate environment for developing automation solutions, suitable for both small home projects and large industrial systems. CDP Studio is independent of hardware vendors and works across device types. Build new or extend existing systems to tailor the usability of your products. 
CDP Studio makes you more efficient.

‘Thousands of CDP systems in operation since 2004’

The CDP Studio IDE is a comprehensive environment for developing control system.

You can create reusable libraries, develop user interfaces (UI) with custom or predefined widgets, configure and define systems, monitor and graph real time values, debug, and deploy control systems to the target hardware.

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CDP Studio Integrated Development Environment for control systems

The CDP Studio Framework is a collection of libraries. The framework contains essential features and ready made functions that you need to build and run control systems.

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CDP Studio Framework - Collection of libraries for control systems

Develop and deploy systems efficiently

You can develop systems simply and efficiently by using CDP Studio. The product shortens time from development to launch and allows you to create, configure, deploy and observe the control system.

CDP Studio is an open framework giving flexibility to create everything from small applications to large complex control systems. Extend existing control systems with new functionality and user interfaces. CDP Studio is suitable for multiple industries and application areas.

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CDP Studio - develop process and production systems

Process and production line

Havyard MMC delivers CDP based control systems for fish handling and processing. A graphic user interface shows pump operation, water flow, and fish through the system, which eases the system operation.

CDP Studio - Extend control systems with new functionality

Extend systems

EMGS has a fleet of electromagnetic (CSEM) vessels for oil exploration services. These systems have been running for several years. They are extended with real-time monitoring and data analysis that provides the operator with a graphical view of the wire usage

CDP Studio Home Edition - Free development tool for Raspberry Pi

Home usage

Create your own hobby projects with CDP Studio's Home Edition. Build home projects that control light and irrigation in your greenhouse, temperature, and pump control for home brewing, home automation etc. The only limitation is your imagination.

'When we created CDP Studio, we did our best to develop a tool that really simplifies how to make control systems. We wanted a tool that was reliable, appealing and easy to use - independent of targeted hardware platform.'

Nils-Petter Eftedal , Developer of CDP Studio

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