CDP Professional Consultants

CDP Technologies professional consultants have indepth experience in working with CDP Studio, and the development of real-time control systems. Working with CDP consultants gives you access to their expert knowledge gained over years in applications development, system architecture, system and network design, testing and system deployment.

Set up a complete development environment for your team to ensure quality development processes, team collaboration, automatic test frameworks with CDP Studio.

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CDP Studio training comprises hands-on class room training with an instructor.

Standard CDP Studio training

The standard set of training courses are CDP Studio introduction, Advanced course and CD Studio for service engineers.

Tailored training

CDP Studio experts may tailor training for your specific needs. This may cover specific topics or areas.

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“A fast track to become a proficient control system developer”

CDP Consultant/Trainer

Nils Petter Eftedal

GUI design and software development

12-years’ experience in CDP Studio development and customer projects

Expertise: GUI design and development with a broad project experience from a wide range of customer projects in addition to development of CDP Studio itself

CDP Consultant/Trainer

Jüri Toomessoo

System architecture and design + software development

6-years’ experience in CDP Studio development and customer projects

Expertise: System architecure and design, system development and with broad experience from development of CDP Studio