CDP Studio professional consultants have indepth experience in working with CDP Studio, and the development of real-time control systems. Working with CDP consultants gives you access to their expert knowledge gained over years in applications development, system architecture, system and network design, testing and system deployment.


Getting started assistance with system architecture and design

CDP Studio professional consultants will work hand in hand with your team when you start with CDP Studio, and subsequently for the initial projects. The consultants help by setting up CDP Studio and workflows, while offering guidance on system architecture and design, projects set-up and general on-the-job training. This to ensure an efficient start with CDP Studio, adopting only the best practices from the very beginning.

Consulting services and workshops

CDP Studio consultants are available to support you in your projects, supplementing your team with specialized knowledge and expertise. CDP consultants may participate in workshop sessions addressing specific topics according to your organisation’s needs.

Application development

The CDP Studio team may assist you in developing specific CDP Studio components or real-time control systems.

Version tracking, bug handling and build management

The consultants can assist in setting up your development environment with CDP Studio integrated with bug handling systems, version tracking and automated build management.


CDP Studio training comprises hands-on class room training with an instructor. General training courses are available, in addition to specifically tailored classes for individual companies.

Introduction to CDP Studio

This is a 2-day introduction to developing and maintaining real-time control systems with CDP Studio. The training covers the life-cycle from design to operations, general work-flows and best practices.

Tailored training

CDP Studio experts may tailor training for your specific needs. This may cover specific topics or areas.

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