Integrated development environment

CDP Studio IDE is the integrated development environment for building control systems.

You can create reusable libraries, create user interfaces (GUI) with custom or predefined widgets, configure and define systems, monitor real-time graphs, debug, and deploy control systems to the target hardware.

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The Framework

The CDP Studio Framework is a collection of libraries. The framework contains essential features and readymade functions that you need to build and run control systems.

These extensive libraries are the runtime framework that forms the engine in your control system. The libraries contains the complete framework you need, including industry protocols, state machine, signal- and event handling, messaging, set parameters, and a comprehensive collection of useful functions.

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System Architecture & Target Hardware

CDP Studio can be used on multiple types of hardware platforms and operating systems, supports distributed, and real-time systems.

The development tool is independent of hardware vendor and device type. You can run systems in a multivendor environment combining IPC, industry controllers and routers with a Linux application environment. You can distribute applications and functionality over multiple controllers. CDP Studio supports true real-time control systems. CDP Studio control systems run on Linux or Windows.

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New CDP Studio release introduces OPC UA, support for InfluxDB and several enhancements

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Java applications can now be integrated with control and monitoring systems built with CDP Studio

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Phoenix Contact’s app store, PLCnext Store, adds CDP Studio to list of applications

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The new CDP Studio release introduces the Block Diagram editor, Simulator and several usability improvements - July...

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With CDP Studio you have a single development tool for all your embedded systems.

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The new release focus on usability and adding time saving functions. Also included is support for B&R I/O modules...

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Run control systems or an IIOT gateway on the new generation Linux based routers.

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CDP Studio’s open framework, flexible architecture and real-time capability makes it suited for a wide range of...

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Build fast, distributed control systems on industrial computers.

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CDP Studio comes with built in support for Revolution Pi, an open, modular and inexpensive Industrial PC and I/O modules

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New CDP Studio release comes with Revolution Pi, Beckhoff EL and INSYS support, Python integration, OpenCV...

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Remote I/O controller and edge computing using the INSYS icom MRO/MRX/SCR series of routers

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A flexible and cost-efficient method of designing condition monitoring (CBM) systems with no vendor lock-in, open...

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CDP Studio is suited for many use cases. Here we give some examples of applications that CDP Studio can be used in...

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This describes how CDP based control systems and applications operate and interact with hardware. CDP Studio allows you...

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