System requirements

Before installing please make sure that your PC conforms to these requirements: 


CPU: 64bit x86 for Linux - 64bit x86 for Windows

RAM: Minimum 1 Gb. Recommended 4 Gb.

Available free disk space: Minimum 4 Gb. Recommended 7 Gb for full install.

Operating system: Windows 7 or newer. Linux Wheezy or newer.


Contact for download of older version. 


Installing CDP Studio

Simply download and run the latest version of the CDP Studio installer, and follow the on-screen instructions. You can safely use the default options in the installer.

The frameworks selected in the installer process will be downloaded and installed. The framework contains a collection of libraries and tools that is required to be able to compile and deploy a CDP application to a specific system and operating system. During installation, it will run through a dialogue giving you options for which CDP Studio frameworks to download. The framework supporting your development computer is pre-selected (see example screenshot to the right). Libraries and tools can also be downloaded later using the Package Manager. 


Our systems are free for trial, for home users and students (non-commercial use).

The trial version of CDP Studio is fully featured, except for certain add-ons, and allows you to evaluate the software.

Learn more about license and prices




CDP Studio includes a number of examples, step-by-step and video tutorial covering a range of topics from your first project to how to use specific features.

A recommendation is to step through the 4 introduction examples as these take you through the most important steps and explain important concepts. The first 3 examples are also available as step-by-step tutorials.

The Tank Control Tutorial in the example section is a combined example with source code and a step-by-step tutorial. It is a more comprehensive project compared to the 4 introduction examples.

The step-by-step tutorials explain how to setup different industry protocols, use HW devices and specific features. Several video tutorials are available, and these can also be found in our YouTube channel.

There are also “How to ….” tutorials that may be useful to read.

The examples and tutorials are found in the Welcome mode.

Video tutorials

We have made a selection of tutorial videos that will help you in getting started with CDP Studio.


Introducing the user interface

This video gives an introduction to the CDP Studio user interface.

The help mode

This video gives a quick run down of the help mode and the features it provides.


Using the configure mode

This video gives you an overview over the functions exposed by the configure mode.


Logging control system data and viewing logged information

This video gives you introduction on how to set up the logger and selecting information to log together with how to view logged information in the analyze mode.


To see all our tutorials and examples, visit us on   

How to create a GUI application using CDP2Qt

In this video we create a simple GUI application to monitor and control a sine component.


How to create a GUI using HTML5/JavaScript

In this video we see how to retrieve a value from a CDP Application and show this in HTML format. We use the StudioAPI JavaScript client, some basic HTML and JavaScript.


Create a system and deploy to the local machine

In this video we create a simple system and deploy it to the local machine.


Distributed systems with MQTT

In this video we present the MQTT components available in CDP Studio. The components are based on the mosquitto MQTT implementation. We set up several systems and show you how you can get these to communicate using MQTT.