Project Examples

A collection of project examples, usefult code examples  and open sourced modules, all developed with CDP Studio are available on GitHub. On GitHub you find a list of projects and modules with source code, documentation and step-by-step guides to build electronics, setting up the software and systems.

Getting help

The CDP Studio support portal is used to register all support requests, and it contains our knowledgebase with FAQ, release notes, and other technical documentation.

Support is available either via e-mail address , or via logging into the support portal. 

When our support team or the user updates a ticket, a change notification is sent out via e-mail. 


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Release Notes - CDP Studio IDE v1.7

CDP Studio IDE version 1.7 was released in December 2018.

Hotfix v1.7.2 - February 2019

  • Fix possible hang when connecting and browsing nodes


    Update v1.7.1 - February 2019

    • Officially support for QML
    • Usability: Show all broken CDP routings in issues pane
    • Usability: Make project remember Configure Mode collapsed tables setup between sessions
    • New step-by-step tutorials and updated examples
    • Squashed some crashes


    Upgrade using "Help -> Package Manager" and select "Update CDP Studio and installed CDP Versions".

    Read the blog explaining the key highlights!


    • Added a new welcome page with easily accessible examples and tutorials to get you up to speed faster
    • Added wizards to File>>New to create new systems, libraries and applications
    • Show helpful tips at startup
    • Added support for the ability to split and undock multiple configure windows
    • Clean-up of the Configure mode, to hide content that is not normally needed
    • You can now access a running system without having the project with source code locally on your computer, very useful for maintenance
    • You now can turn your existing configuration into reusable models using the new library configuration editor with copy and paste support
    • Analyze mode plot layouts now continuously autosave
    • The licensing system is rewritten to be able to continue to provide new functionality and services
    • Added model editor for library projects to Configure mode. This removes the need of manually editing XML files of your models



      See changelog for details about this and previous releases.


      Release notes - CDP Studio Framework v4.6

      The CDP Studio Framework version 4.6 was released in December 2018.

      Install the CDP Framework 4.6 version using "Help -> Package Manager" and selecting "Add or remove CDP versions". and select the CDP 4.6 toolchains you use.
      If you have issues with building projects after the update, run the Clean command from CDP Studio project tree.

      Hotfix v4.6.2 - February 2019

      • Fix GUI Meter widgets not displaying some values correctly


      Update v4.6.1 - February 2019

      • Improve the performance of CDPSignal



      • Added support for the B&R X20 remote IO system
      • Added support for DisplayHint modifier which allows hiding internal implementation details of your components
      • Renamed the various CDP GUI widgets to more user friendly names
      • Added periodic time sync to the Python client
      • Added more examples