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The CDP Studio support portal is used to register all support requests. The portal is available for all licensed users of CDP Studio.
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The CDP Studio support portal is used to register all support requests, and it contains our knowledgebase with FAQ, release notes, and other technical documentation.

Support is available either via e-mail address , or via logging into the support portal. 

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Release notes - CDP Studio IDE v1.5

CDP Studio IDE version 1.5 was released in March 2018.

Upgrade using "Help -> Package Manager" and select "Update CDP Studio and installed CDP Versions".


  • A new bulk editing of information is added and it is now possible to perform bulk changes of information in table objects in the Configure Mode

  • Support for removing resource and library

  • Import and export of information is added and supports file formats as CSV. This allows import and export of I/O lists and configurations and other information

  • Copy and paste of configuration inside CDP Studio and from to/from external applications like Excel

Note, there are 2 variants of the copy/paste and import/export:

  • Copy or Export - will copy/export the whole object on which copy was invoked on. Use this to create a duplicate of object (or object tree), for example to duplicate some configured resource group (fe. WAGOPFCIOServer with modules or CDPSignal with operators).

  • Copy content or Export content - will copy/export the content excluding the object copy was invoked on. Use this to copy/paste subobjects of similar but slightly different types of objects that cannot be copied as a whole, for example on UDPIOServer InPacket to get exact copy of all preconfigured channels from InPacket for pasting into OutPacket.

Hotfix v1.5.1 - April 2018

  • Fix CDP application starting on loopback interface even if a local interface has been selected

  • Corrected documentation for setting up Cygwin SSH server to fix GUI applications not showing when run from Studio on windows targets.

  • Add 'breakpad' crash-reporting


See changelog for details about this and previous releases.

Release notes - CDP Studio Framework v4.4.1

The CDP Studio Framework version 4.4.1 was released in March 2018.

Update existing CDP 4.4 version using "Help -> Package Manager" and selecting "Update CDP Studio and installed CDP versions".
If you have issues with building projects after the update, run the Clean command from CDP Studio project tree.


    • New User Interface (UI) loader widget allowing multiple UI files in the same application to build large and complex GUI requiring multiple views or leaf’s

    • New container GUI widget allows html5 content, pictures, videos etc to be viewed in a widget based GUI made in Design Mode

    • New GUI theme giving an extra look and feel option for designing user interfaces including demo to demonstrate the possibilities with the new theme

    • Support for Beckhoff KL series remote I/O. Download datasheet for more details.

    • New operators (mathematical function) for IIR filter and Ramp filter

    • New greenhouse demo application


    Hotfix v4.4.2 - April 2018

    • Fixed a problem where the control application could crash when connecting to a GUI application


    Hotfix v4.4.3 - April 2018

    • Fix crash in CDPEngine when continuously handle-swapping


    Hotfix v4.4.4 - May 2018

    • Fix for application using MQTT not starting when deployed to a Linux target from a Windows development PC.

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