Project Examples

A collection of project examples, usefult code examples  and open sourced modules, all developed with CDP Studio are available on GitHub. On GitHub you find a list of projects and modules with source code, documentation and step-by-step guides to build electronics, setting up the software and systems.

Getting help

The CDP Studio support portal is used to register all support requests, and it contains our knowledgebase with FAQ, release notes, and other technical documentation.

Support is available either via e-mail address , or via logging into the support portal. 

When our support team or the user updates a ticket, a change notification is sent out via e-mail. 


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Release Notes - CDP Studio IDE v2.0

CDP Studio IDE version 2.0 was released in April 2020.


New visual editor, the Block Diagram is the new default editor when you build control system.  for configuring and building systems. The Block Diagram makes creating systems more intuitive and simpler. The Block Diagram includes:

  • Visual programming
  • Online view of running systems including real-time view of signals and parameters
  • Top-level operators (mathematic functions) for creating systems without programming (req. CDP Framework 4.8)
  • Sidebar for easy access to important properties and settings
  • Graphical overview of your system
  • Pin/unpin components to easy create connections between different levels


Hotfix and update v2.0.2 - July 2020

  • Added notification mechanism to inform about new CDP versions
  • License enforcement of developer, project and service engineer roles
  • Studio Trial license now expire after 30 days and commercial or non-commercial licenses must then be requested
  • Right click on project tree no longer change selection
  • Stabilised and improved remote SSH plugin
  • Improved connection time to running systems
  • Improvements parsing models when building systems for efficiency
  • Remember and restore open UI files in Designer when switching between applications
  • Logger plugin now works again with CDP Framework 4.6 and older
  • StudioAPIClient now handles correctly rename structure runtime
  • Fixed issue in CDP 4.7 -> 4.8 project upgrade script
  • CDPLogger now prints less info in Application Output pane
  • Renames some operators for consistency and ease of use
  • Fixed debug issue for systems running on Ubuntu 20.04
  • Fixed resize issue for Resources/Watch list tab
  • Squashed some crashes

Hotfix and update v2.0.1 - April 2020

  • Hide internal CDP2Qt UI labels in Block Diagram
  • Fix block positioning when re-adding blocks with same name
  • Fix some links in Help taking you incorrect page
  • Welcome mode example page is now default start page
  • Show CDP Parameters filter by default in Block Diagram
  • Fix Legal Information Credits link



  • CDP configuration recipe support
  • Redesign editor selection in Configure mode
  • Fetch model after each Run (not just Deploy)
  • Documentation improvements

See changelog for details about this and previous releases.

Release notes - CDP Studio Framework v4.8

The CDP Studio Framework version 4.8 was released in April 2020.

Install the CDP Framework 4.8 version using "Help -> Package Manager" and selecting "Add or remove CDP versions". and select the CDP 4.8 for the toolchains you use. If you have issues with building projects after the update, run the Clean command from CDP Studio project tree.



  • Support PLCnext controller from Phoenix Contact
  • Top level operators
  • OPC-UA: Client and Server
  • Better support for multi-core controllers, major upgrade of CDP Scheduler

Hotfix and update v4.8.2 - July 2020

  • New Waveform (signal) generators (look under operators)
  • New DA and AD converter operators
  • New UI example, the UI used for HW IO YouTube tutorials
  • Fixed OPC UA Discoverer issue when a PLC OPC UA Server is scanned
  • Sending the CM_TEXTCOMMAND message CDPBaseObjects now works
  • Routed Properties can in special cases receive incorrect value
  • Fixed issue in CDPSim routing
  • Fixed - configurator tool can now be used to test if a value is not changed
  • Fixed - changing relative routing runtime now works
  • Fixed – signals can in special cases drops to zero
  • Fixed - Bar widget fails to connect to a periodic property
  • Fixed – Too many Process thread overload alarms when in connected mode
  • Fixed - when a routed signal is de-routed and then routed again, the input signal gets the value from before the disconnect
  • Fixed - CANIO does not come back up if socket goes down.
  • Fixed - CDP Python examples fail to start on Ubuntu 20.04 default install


Hotfix and update v4.8.1 - April 2020

  • Added a great number of readymade functions useful for automation, maths and value transformation (operators)
  • Show Parameters on left side of blocks in block diagram online view
  • Improve TimeStamp operator + included FromTimeStamp and ToTimeStamp operators
  • Fixed Requesting extended event info based on eventId and handle
  • Fixed project upgrade script for 4.3 to 4.8 upgrades
  • Fixed Properties values are not always correct in a GUI
  • Show ScalingPoints for the ScalingOperator in Block diagram online view
  • Alarm's Signal routings are shown as red/invalid when routed to an IOChannel
  • Properties not connected in some cases
  • Improve documentation and examples
  • Squashed some crashes


  • Improve GUI performance on slow hardware (PanelPC)
  • Add Input attribute to CDP Parameter
  • Remove "Value" and "Name" CDP Settings from CDP Property
  • Make PropertyIOServer publish routings to StudioAPI
  • Rename and refactor Argumentable operator
  • Remove unused Parameters in MessengerIOServer
  • Increase fs for EventManager components
  • Add support for Push and Pull Port