Project Examples

A collection of project examples, usefult code examples  and open sourced modules, all developed with CDP Studio are available on GitHub. On GitHub you find a list of projects and modules with source code, documentation and step-by-step guides to build electronics, setting up the software and systems.

Getting help

The CDP Studio support portal is used to register all support requests, and it contains our knowledgebase with FAQ, release notes, and other technical documentation.

Support is available either via e-mail address , or via logging into the support portal. 

When our support team or the user updates a ticket, a change notification is sent out via e-mail. 


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Release Notes - CDP Studio IDE v1.8

CDP Studio IDE version 1.8 was released in July 2019.

See also our blog for more details.



  • New: Develop systems graphically and get a good system overview in the new Block diagram editor


  • Enhanced the Analyze mode with support for saving/loading Analyze mode configurations, alias names, editing min/max y axis, editing start time, make cursor beam visible on all plots at the same time, support for hiding the legend and autorestore Analyze mode when project is reopened.
  • Add support for creating developer documentation for libraries and components that become integrated with the CDP Studio documentation.
  • Upgraded the library model editor so you can create and manage signals, parameters etc for the components (C++ files) in Configure mode. This includes automatic code generation and gives a good overview, this to further simply the programming task.
  • Add support for prelicensing CDP applications
  • Autoconnect when you build and run the system



    See changelog for details about this and previous releases.


    Release notes - CDP Studio Framework v4.7

    The CDP Studio Framework version 4.7 was released in July 2019.

    Install the CDP Framework 4.7 version using "Help -> Package Manager" and selecting "Add or remove CDP versions". and select the CDP 4.7 toolchains you use.
    If you have issues with building projects after the update, run the Clean command from CDP Studio project tree.



    • New: Simulator, the simulator a tool to create real-time simulation of physical systems. This can be used to replace real hardware in HIL (HW in the loop) testing. When combined with a 3D graphical engine, it can be used to create a simulator for training.


    • Added CDP Port, combine any data (including signals, parameters, properties, signal channels etc) into a single port and the information may be synchronised. Simplifies the routing in projects and when switching routing in real-time.
    • Add examples for OpenCV and PythonClient