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Introducing OPC UA and support for InfluxDB database

Published: 02.10.2019

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New CDP Studio release introduces OPC UA, support for InfluxDB and several enhancements

OPC Unified Architecture (UA)

OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) is a machine to machine communication protocol for industrial automation developed by the OPC Foundation.

The OPC UA implementation allows remote clients or OPC UA tool to connect to and retrieve any value from a CDP system. The OPC UA protocol is easily added by drag and drop in any CDP project and requires no special configuration.

CDP Studio supports user authentication, transport encryption and signing and can be used over insecure networks like the Internet.


InfluxDB and database enhancements

InfluxDB, an opensource time series database is now supported as datastore in CDP systems. InfluxDB is designed to handle high write and query loads and provides a SQL-like query language called InfluxQL for interacting with data. Influx Db is good to use when you wish to publish logged data to cloud, have complex retention policies and data aggregation or need to integration with third part tools.

A CSV datastore where logged data is stored in comma separated files is also added in this release. This is useful when you wish to use the files directly in other tools like Excel.

These datastores comes in addition to the CDP datastore that support high speed logging.

 A C++ API is also included and allows you to read data from the logger from code.


Block diagram enhancements

The Block Diagram editor will be continuously improved in every release and will become the default editor. In this release a property sidebar is added, and this allows you to edit all signals, properties and parameters directly in the block diagram. The property sidebar will always show the properties from the selected object.

Watch List

The Watch List is a very useful feature and gives you quick access to objects like signals parameters, messages and components across the project hierarchy. The list also act like bookmarks and a double-click takes you to directly to the object without any further navigation.

If the object has a value, the value is displayed and is updated in real-time if you are connected to a system


New default GUI Theme

A new light grey GUI theme is added and is now the default theme when making user interfaces. The theme is a light version of the flat grey theme and these can be combined to make day and night modes.

JAVA Client

CDP Studio now support integration with Java through the CDP Java client. The CDP Java client allows Java applications to interact with control and monitoring system developed with CDP Studio. For more info see the separate blog on the Java client.


WAGO PFC updates

CDP Studio now support the new Wago PFC 200 G2 750-8214. The new Wago Linux image can be downloaded from the CDP download server. The Wago toolkit has also been enhanced.


Kongsberg Seatex Motion Reference Unit (MRU) enhancements

A Motion Reference Unit (MRU) is used on ships to measure the ships motion. The Kongsberg Seatex is a market leader and is used by CDP Technology customers in projects like offshore cranes for subsea installation, launch and recovery of UAV/small submarines, offshore gangways where it is important to compensate for the ships motion in the waves.

The Seatex MRU support has been extended with a serial interface.


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