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July 2018 - New CDP Studio release

Published: 09.07.2018

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New CDP Studio release comes with Revolution Pi, Beckhoff EL and INSYS support, Python integration, OpenCV pre-integration and the External Control IO server, a powerful function allowing integration to a wide range of external services and systems.

External Control IO server

The External Control IO server, a powerful function allowing integration to a wide range of external services and systems. Some example of user are send e-mail, logging to cloud, use of REST, check connectivity and run commands on failure, get weather forecast, log to text file, get JSON values, get UPS status, run background tasks, create RRD and send SMS.

  • Run any command (executable) on CDP controller
  • Invoke web requests (for example REST) on any remote HTTP(S) server
  • Access (read or write) any file on CDP controller
  • Access (get or put/append) files to/from FTP(S) server
  • Access (get or put) files to/from TFTP server
  • Send e-mails via SMTP(S) mail server
  • Access (get or put) files via SSH (using SCP or SFTP protocol)


New Hardware support

This release comes with pre-integrated support for new device and hardware  

Revolution Pi (RevPi) from Kunbus. The Revolution Pi is an open, modular and inexpensive Industrial PC based on Raspberry Pi. The RevPi can be used as a small controller unit, DIN-rail Industrial PC or an IIoT Gateway. The RevPi options include a range digital and analog I/O modules in addition to gateway modules for integration with different industry protocols.

CDP Studio comes with built in support for RevPi, and various I/O modules are predefined. For information about the CDP Support of Revolution Pi, see our Revolution Pi blog or download the datasheet fom our document download site.

See the Revolution Pi website for more information on the Revolution Pi itself and description of the different modules.

INSYS icom MRO/MRX/SCR series of routers is now supported and CDP Applications can run on the Linux partition. These devices is seen as an Industry PC (IPC) with router and 4G functionality and can be used a small controller, IoT sensor collection and Edge computing. For more information see the INSYS blog entry, download the data sheet or see the INSYS web pages.

Beckhoff EL series of IO modules are now supported and this comes in addition to the already supported KL series. See the updated data sheet for list of supported I/O modules.

Cisco IR809 and IR829 routers enables you to deploy compact control systems, edge computing, IOT sensor collection system efficiently on hardened equipment and using Cisco security and with 4G connectivity. These devices require some special setup to run CDP Applications and please contact CDP support if you wish to use these devices.


Python support

CDP Studio comes with Python support and CDP Applications can now work together with Python programs.

The Python CDP Client is a simple interface that allows Python scripts to connect to running CDP Applications, retrieve their structure and to read and write object values.

The Python CDP client must be installed separately using a Python package manager and the Python CDP Client is available with installation information here.

Alternative to the Python CDP Client is using External Control I/O Server LocalCommandRun functionality which allows you to communicate with any program (including a Python script) using stdin and stdout.


OpenCV pre-integrated

CDP Studio can be integrated with OpenCV to use their vision libraries, this allows you to develop control systems using computer vision.

As OpenCV is not distributed with the standard CDP Studio download, you need to import the already pre-compiled libraries from the CDP download site. See the blog that describes how to integrate OpenCV.

See also project example on the CDP Technologies GIThub.

About OpenCV: (Open Source Computer Vision Library) is an open source computer vision and machine learning software library. OpenCV was built to provide a common infrastructure for computer vision applications and to accelerate the use of machine perception in the commercial products. Read more about OpenCV.


Analyze Mode graph improvements

There are some improvements to the graph capability in Analyze Mode. The graph date and time stamps are now show as relative tick labels and this is now the default view. The time span (time period in the graph view) can be changed by clicking on the last time tick and type the new time span.


See complete release notes for a full description of the new release.


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