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Phoenix Contact adds CDP Studio to their App Store

Published: 12.09.2019


Phoenix Contact’s app store, PLCnext Store, adds CDP Studio to list of applications


Phoenix Contact launched the first controller in the PLCnext range 2 years ago with a vision to combine the reliability and security of the classic PLC world with the openness and flexibility of smart devices.

The PLCnext controller use Linux and this allows 3rd party applications to run on the controller. This gives a new freedom and power to combine technology from different domains and vendors.

CDP Studio enables the development of a new breed of systems that seamlessly combine computer science technologies, open source, industrial PCs, panel PCs with traditional PLC automation technologies with direct access to the I/O modules on the PLCnext.

As a recognition of the capabilities and the flexibility of CDP Studio, Phoenix Contact has included CDP Studio in their application store.

See CDP Studio in the app store:


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