Licenses and Prices

CDP Studio is an efficient and independent tool for developing automation systems ranging from small single controller systems to large complex industry solutions. There are different types of licenses available depending on the role of the persons requiring the license.


Variable fee

Lower fixed cost



per month
Run-time from €200


Flat fee

No runtime or tag pricing



per month

CDP Studio


The Enterprise model gives you a simplified pricing that is fixed and independent of the number of systems that you develop and deploy.


The Basic license model has a lower fixed cost and a variable component that depends on the systems you deploy or sell.


For universities and home projects, see the free non-commercial version.

All models give you access to newer versions of CDP Studio and CDP Framework as they become available. Pricing is for annual subscriptions.

Run-time licenses

Run-time licenses are required if you use the Basic license model. The run time license is a permanent license for each of the applications running on the target hardware in your control system. Which modules to select depends on your system.
  Basic Enterprise
Core including
standard modules


per application

Industrial modules
per application
OPC-UA Client €200
per application
CDP Logger €200
per application

Optional Tools and Services

There are different departments and roles in a company and CDP Studio versions are available at a reduced price that are suited for persons not performing complete system development.


Project Engineer

The Project Engineer version allows you to design user interfaces (GUI), build (configure) systems and applications, analyse/test systems, install and maintain systems. The applications are built using components created by a developer using the full version or using the pre-made components that comes with CDP Studio.

Price: €170 per month

Service Engineer

The Service Engineer version is suited for service engineers that install, commission, test, tune and maintain systems.

Price: €85 per month

CDP Simulator

The simulator CDPSim is a toolkit for modelling and creating real-time simulations of physical systems. This add-on makes it possible to integrate a simulation model with CDP control systems, user interfaces and virtual 3D models – all running in real-time.

Price: €85 per month / user

CDP Toolchain for Build Systems

CDP Studio supports centralized software build systems for continuous integration. The CDP toolchains are installed on a company server in a controlled environment that ensures reproducibility and quality. The CDP toolchains can be used with development tools like Atlassian’s Suite of services like Bitbucket (GIT) and Bamboo.

Basic: €210 per month / site

Enterprise: Included

CDP Automated Test Framework

The CDP automated test framework allows you to automatically generate a test framework for your software. The test framework Python based with tests description in YAML-scripts. This simplifies the time and effort to set up the tests. This in combination CDP Toolchains for build systems will give you an excellent foundation for creating quality software.

Price: €250 per month / site