First project : Get it right the first time

CDP Studio professional consultants will work hand in hand with your team when you start developing your first projects.

The consultants help by setting up CDP Studio and workflows, while offering guidance on system architecture and design, projects set-up and general on-the-job training. This to ensure an efficient start with CDP Studio, adopting only the best practices from the very beginning.



Optimize your performance

On-the-job training

Best practice from day 1


Application development

The CDP Technologies team has a wide experience in developing applications, specialized functions and graphical user interfaces (GUI) on CDP Studio.

Let our experts assist you by developing specific parts of your system, this may include specialized components, integration of hardware or sensors, custom protocols, GUI widgets, configuration of CANOpen nodes, adding mathematical function operators ….



Focus on your expertice

GUI Widgets

Custom Hardware or sensors

Best practice from day 1

Technical workshops and general consulting

Tap into our experts knowledge in technical workshops. Focus a 1 or 2 day event on specific topics, GUI design, how to build I/O servers, logging, system architecture, best practice workflows, how to build distributed systems, real-time systems and much more.

CDP Studio professional consultants are available to supplement your team with specialized knowledge and expertise in your projects as a development resource or for supporting you in critical fault handling in your application.




Focused workshop on specific challenges

Strengthen your team with a CDP professional developer

Support for your application and system debugging

Complete project deliveries

CDP Studio project team can delivering complete projects , from specification and development to delivery and maintence on site.

CDP Studio is used as our development tool and our partners provide hardware, equipment and electrical services.


End-2-End project development

System maintenance

Setting up your development environment

Version tracking, bug handling and build management

The consultants can assist in setting up your development environment with CDP Studio integrated with bug handling systems, version tracking and automated build management.


Ensure quality in your R&D processes

Full source code controll and tracebility

Fault tracking

Automatic test environment