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Blue Logic wins the ONS innovation award 2020

Published: 17.09.2020

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We congratulate Blue Logic with this great achievement

We congratulate Blue Logic and the team in winning the ONS Innovation Award for 2020 for their open-standard subsea docking station for underwater vehicles (UAVs). Their innovative solution allows any type of UAV to dock, charge and transfer data; and for the first time de-coupling the drone from the manned surface vessel.

The charging station saves cost and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, improves safety and reliability and will be an enabler for future solutions and operations in offshore energy.

We are proud to be part of this project and that Blue Logic is using CDP Studio in their software development. This is another example where CDP Studio has been used in an innovative and first-off project.

The CDP Studio solution is an integrated control and monitoring system with a graphical user interface (GUI); combining subsea electronics, topside control station, cloud access and network control.

The CDP Studio built-in function library provided the core functionality and made it very fast to develop the solution.  Further, the specific development was created in reusable function blocks and added to their own toolbox. This is easily shared across the team and further saves time and increases reliability and quality.

“We were amazed how fast we could integrate our special hardware and add graphical user interfaces.”

Lars Gunnar Hodnefjell Product Manager, Blue Logic

The HMI design is fully integrated in the CDP Studio IDE to achieve advanced interaction between the control core and the visual presentation. Together with the large set of pre-made widgets and configurable graphical elements, a modern and unified user interface was easily created.


The CDP application acts as an edge computing device as it can store data collected from the charging station in the built-in data logger and perform local data analytics. Subsea suppliers and oil companies set high data integrity requirements and using CDP Studio it is easy to connect specific raw or aggregated data securely to multiple cloud solutions for the oil field operator, sub-sea contractor, UAV vendor etc. Distributed remote operator interfaces, both cloud-based and as PC applications, can be connected securely to the system.


More information:

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About Blue Logic :

Blue Logic is an underwater technology company that develops mechanical, hydraulic and electrical products for the underwater interface market, as well as offering related services and special projects to the same market. Blue Logic’s vision of Blue Logic is "One Subsea World", which means realizing the full potential of the subsea space (ocean space) through harmonized requirements and standard interfaces.


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