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Seaonics crane control using Wago running Linux

Published: 13.05.2019

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Seaonics deliver deck cranes with a Wago pfc200 as an embedded Linux controller


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Wago PFC200 comes with the ability to run applications in Linux directly on the controller. Linux is dominant in so-called embedded systems and gives a completely different freedom than using traditional PLC programming. CDP Studio is a complete development platform that makes the development of such systems easier and more robust.

An example is a series of deck cranes supplied by Seaonic’s, where a Wago PFC 200 is used to run a complete control system with digital and analog I/O, as well as CANbus and PWM for hydraulic valve control.

CDP Studio lets you divide the control system into reusable blocks, the entire configuration of the system occurs in a graphical tool. Wago I/O modules are dragged straight into the application, named by function, and routing of signals is name-based. Automation meets IT.


The control system is built with CDP Studio, making it easy to re-use the same software components for all crane variants. No cranes are exactly the same, but with CDP Studio this is easy to handle in an orderly manner.

CDP Studio comes complete with the Wago PFC200 and 750 series of I/O pre-integrated, so getting started is very easy. The PFC200 is then transformed to an "embedded Linux controller" with all the possibilities it offers with the openness to cloud services and IT systems. CDP Studio comes with ready-made features for testing, analysis, simulation, and logging, i.e. features needed to build modern control and monitoring systems.

CDP Studio can be downloaded at for free trial.


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