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Worlds first autonomous offshore gangway

Published: 25.01.2019

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Uptime International launches autonomy on offshore gangways

Uptime International, a leader in active motion compensated offshore gangways, is launching the next generation systems with autonomy. A gamechanger in the operations in the offshore wind industry.

The new autonomous gangway has features like auto landing using 2D cameras and 3D sensors to detect landing points. The system can be taught to identify new landing points and use this for future autonomous operations.

Uptime’s active motion compensated gangways are installed in advanced vessels maintaining offshore wind farms and on flotel vessels (floating hotels) for offshore oil exploration. The gangways are design with high safety criteria as operations involve personnel transfer in bad weather. Uptime gangways weas the first system that achieved the DNV certification.

The new autonomous gangway control system is developed using CDP.  CDP was selected as the development platform as it is proven reliable, has a framework and tools for real-time control systems on IPCs and allows the developer to focus on the application itself, not the underlying components.


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