Configure mode

Birds eye view of your control system

Get a complete overview of your control system structure while in configure mode. The view can be modified according to your preferences and filtered as needed.

Build and configure control systems

Build your system by adding resources by dragging and dropping CDP standard components or components from your own component library. Configure all structured elements, connect signals with name based routing. Routing auto-completion speeds up the selection of all objects such as signals, parameters etc.

Powerful live system analyzis

Configure mode lets you connect to a live system to observe signal and parameter values in real-time. You can override control system behaviour by setting or changing values during run-time to test and tune the system. The live system analyzis makes it easier for you to analyze, test, tune, and correct system flaws, while the system is live and in use. 

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User interface design (UI)

Make your own UI in a few minutes

CDP Studio comes with a library of pre-made customizable widgets and the possibility of incorporating your own scalable vector graphic (SVG) themes. The graphical user interface (GUI) is easily connected to the control system's signals, parameters and properties. The GUI layout can be automatically adapted to a range of different screen sizes, without requiring code changes.

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Web UI / HTML5

CDP Studio supports Web UI / HTML5 and allows UI development for mobile devices and internet browsers.

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Code editor

Efficient coding

CDP Studio has automatic code generation for all CDP components and the main structure of the control system. This significantly simplifies the process of code writing. The Code Editor comes with all the functionality you are used to in an IDE, such as color coding, auto completion, etc., for easy code writing.

Make your own reusable components

Create your own reusable components, operators, or other classes. Build reusable libraries that everyone in the team can use on multiple projects.

Third-party libraries can also be integrated into CDP Studio.

Independent and adaptable code

Create code for your control system in CDP Studio without worrying about hardware, operating system, or physical distribution. It permits you to create code that can be used with different hardware vendors and systems.

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Analyze live systems

Plot any value in a connected system

Analyze live systems, regardless of whether you are connected to a local or a remote system. You can plot multiple values on a single page, on several pages or split plots into separate detached windows. The plots can be automatically scaled, details enhanced with box zoom and plotting can be paused as desired. View real-time and historical values seamlessly when the CDP Logger is used.

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Debug mode

Step by step debugging on local or remote systems

CDP Studio allows you to step through the code line by line, set break points, pause or continue code execution.

This also works on remote systems and allows efficient and seamless debugging on deployed control systems.



Help mode

Context sensitive help

CDP Studio offers context sensitive help for all Framework APIs and includes C++ standard library reference.

Help includes modes manuals, configuration examples and tutorials that are easily accessible from the IDE.

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System deployment

Simple and easy deployment to any local or remote target

CDP Studio simplifies deploying applications to a target system, whether on-site or remote. Just select the tool chain, target device and network interface. Configure user name and password and you are set for deployment.

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