ScalingPoint Class


The ScalingPoint maps input value to the output value . More...

Header: #include <ScalingPoint>
Inherits: CDPBaseObject

Public Functions

T GetInValue()
double GetOffset()
double GetOutValue()
double GetScalingFactor()
void RegisterConfigurationChangeCallback(const std::function<void( CDPPropertyBase * ) > &handler)
void SetInValue(T value)
void SetOffset(double offset)
void SetOutValue(double value)
void SetScalingFactor(double scalingFactor)

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual void Configure(XMLPrimitive *pObjectElement) override
virtual void Create(const char *pzName, CDPBaseObject *pParent) override
virtual void FillNodeChildren(CDP::StudioAPI::NodeStream &stream) const override
virtual const std::string GetNodeName() const override

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The ScalingPoint maps input value to the output value .


Property NameDescription
NameThe name of the ScalingPoint.
TypeThe type of the ScalingPoint.
InValueThe input value of the ScalingPoint.
OutValueThe output value of the ScalingPoint.
InValueRoutingThe routing of input value for the ScalingPoint when using routed value.
OutValueRoutingThe routing of output value for the ScalingPoint when using routed value.
ModelThe model name of the ScalingPoint.

See also ScalingOperator.

Member Function Documentation


Constructs a ScalingPoint.

[override virtual] void ScalingPoint::Configure(XMLPrimitive *pObjectElement)

Reimplemented from CDPBaseObject::Configure().

Connects InValue and OutValue Properties to InValueRouting and OutValueRouting when initialized.

[override virtual] void ScalingPoint::Create(const char *pzName, CDPBaseObject *pParent)

Reimplemented from CDPBaseObject::Create().

Argument CDPObjectBased is not used by this subclass.

[override virtual] void ScalingPoint::FillNodeChildren(CDP::StudioAPI::NodeStream &stream) const

Reimplemented from CDPNode::FillNodeChildren().

T ScalingPoint::GetInValue()

Returns the input value.

[override virtual] const std::string ScalingPoint::GetNodeName() const

Reimplemented from ICDPNode::GetNodeName().

double ScalingPoint::GetOffset()

Returns the offset.

double ScalingPoint::GetOutValue()

Returns the output value.

double ScalingPoint::GetScalingFactor()

Returns the scaling factor.

void ScalingPoint::RegisterConfigurationChangeCallback(const std::function<void( CDPPropertyBase * ) > &handler)

Sets property change handler for InValue and OutValue.

void ScalingPoint::SetInValue(T value)

Sets the input value.

void ScalingPoint::SetOffset(double offset)

Sets the offset.

void ScalingPoint::SetOutValue(double value)

Sets the output value.

void ScalingPoint::SetScalingFactor(double scalingFactor)

Sets the scalingFactor.

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