Support for multiple hardware types

Industrial PCs, industrial controllers and routers

Control systems created with CDP Studio can run on hardware from most vendors. These control systems can run on high end powerful industrial PCs (IPC), industrial controllers, low-cost controllers or routers with a Linux application environment. The functions in a single control system may be distributed over different types of hardware, e.g. a Linux IPC for heavy mathematical operations and a panal PC running Windows for the user interface (UI).

Download whitepaper: How CDP Studio supports hardware







Independence from hardware vendors

Your control system can run on several different hardware platforms

CDP Studio separates the application logic from specific hardware dependencies. You can easily port the control system onto new hardware platforms, even if the hardware is from a different vendor. This ensures that your control system can adapt and expand according to your needs and to changing external technological development. 

CDP Studio comes with built in support and pre-defined configuration for IO modules from WAGO, Phoenix Contact and Weidmuller. Addition pre-defines modules will be added and you may add your own pre-defined configurations.

Download datasheet: Wago support

Download datasheet: Phoenix Contact support

Download datasheet: Weidmuller support

Download datasheet: Beckhoff support

Download datasheet: B&R support

Download datasheet: Insys icom support

Download datasheet: Revolution Pi






Full distribution

Distribute across multiple nodes

CDP Studio is object oriented and the signaling system uses name-based routing. These features give you the tools to create highly distributed control systems. The system logic is separate from physical distribution, which permits you to group functionalities and define distribution in accordance with the hardware capacity and cost.




True real-time control

The framework in CDP Studio allows you to develop true real-time control systems. The physical performance of the target hardware is the only limitation to signal frequencies. Critical run time signals can be set to millisecond intervals or lower. CDP is already in use in thousands of mission critical real-time control systems.


The toolkits we provide

Intel, ARM, compilers and environments

Control systems created in CDP Studio can run on target systems with Linux or Window and the IDE will cross compile with the correct set of compilers and libraries for the target system.

Each CDP Studio toolkit contains the framework, a set of compiler tools and the libraries you need to make your development more efficient and reliable.