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Published: 17.07.2018

Application Whitepaper
CDP Studio’s open framework, flexible architecture and real-time capability makes it suited for a wide range of applications.

CDP Studio is a comprehensive tool for developing control systems and comes with a framework with features and readymade functions essential to design and run real-time control systems. CDP Studio’s open framework, flexible architecture and real-time capability makes it suited for a wide range of applications and use cases. Markets include maritime, manufacturing and Industry 4.0, offshore, wind, process industry, mining, energy, simulation, academia...

CDP Studio is today used in everything from mission critical marine systems to student projects.


Maritime, wind, offshore, mining

Rosselinis Four-10 REV

CDP Studio is well adapted for development of systems for the maritime, wind, offshore and mining industries. These systems operate in challenging environments, e.g. controlling vessels, handling and lifting operation, operation of heavy equipment and critical systems. These systems require real-time control and often including electrical motors, hydraulic systems, vision, logging, remote support and need to be maintained over years.

Use cases: Engine control, Wind and offshore Motion compensated gangways and dynamic positioning (DP)


Industry 4.0, manufacturing and process industry


The concept of Industry 4.0 poses a set of new challenges, which is best tackled with new solutions. Applications built with CDP Studio are excellent examples of this, with the ability to interface to both the traditional automation systems as well as to the more IT centric world of AI, cloud computing, machine learning, and analytics. CDP Studio support multiple hardware vendors and industry protocols, logging and vision, enabling integration of production cells, production control, feeding production data and sensor information to MES/SCADA systems, all done in a single tool/environment, CDP Studio is also useful in ZDM (Zero Defect Manufacturing) where vision and other sensors are used for defect detection on components, raw material and finished products.

Use cases: Contol of process and production line, Fish sense


Renewable energy


CDP Studio’s architecture enables a single and integrated control system to work seamlessly over distributed nodes making it ideal for renewable energy plants. Either for a complete distributed control system, as a plant integration system or collecting sensor and data for alarms, maintenance and production data. The ability to build distributed systems where low-cost controllers may be combined with industrial grade servers, all part of the same software system, helps building cost effective systems. The key is freedom from traditional automation solutions.



Industrial Internet of things - IIoT


CDP Studio brings a new dimension to IIoT sensor information collection as CDP systems allows local processing of data in addition to a simple data collection and forward to a cloud solution. CDP can run local control loops to initiate actions based on set criteria, show information on local displays, collect high speed data (10’s of kHz), collect data from legacy or proprietary system and perform protocol conversion, transform and correlate data before passing to a cloud server or distribute required data to the right fog or cloud solution.

Use case: Edge computing and Condition Monitoring





CDP Studio enables student to focus on solving the actual task and not spend time on getting PC environments and basic functions up and running. CDP Studio runs on Raspberry Pi and can be combined with industrial lab components from Beckhoff, Weidmuller, Wago etc. With CDP Studio, student can fast build small projects including professional GUI. With support for open source libraries and Python, CDP is ideal for students and research projects. CDP Technologies also offer free licenses for educational institutions.


Mobile and remote solutions

CDP applications may run on low power hardware, suited for solar and battery power. In remote substations or mobile monitoring systems, CDP applications run as native Linux executables on devices like rugged routers and small controllers.


Other industries and applications

CDP Studio is also used in embedded systems, for test and simulation and for quick prototyping.

In addition to developing control systems, there are several other use cases where CDP Studio is used.

See the Blog or download the whitepaper for more information.


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