CDPOperatorBase Class

The CDPOperatorBase is the base class of CDPOperator. More...

Header: #include <Signal/CDPOperator.h>
Inherits: CDPBaseObject and
Inherited By:


Public Functions

CDPOperatorBase(const CDPPropertyBase &in, Argument<T> *arg)
virtual ~CDPOperatorBase()
OSAPIMutex &GetMemberAccessMutex() override
virtual const std::string &GetName() = 0
virtual const CDPPropertyBase &GetOutput() = 0
double GetPeriod() const override
std::string GetPriorityName() const override
CDPProcess *GetProcess() const override
std::string GetSchedulingGroupName() const override
int GetSyncInId() override
int GetSyncOutId() override
bool NeedsSync() override
virtual void Pass() = 0
virtual unsigned int Process() = 0
void SetProcess(CDPProcess *process) override

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual void Create(const char *shortName, CDPBaseObject *parent) = 0

Protected Variables

const CDPPropertyBase &m_input
CDPPropertyBase &m_output

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The CDPOperatorBase is the base class of CDPOperator.

Member Function Documentation

CDPOperatorBase::CDPOperatorBase(const CDPPropertyBase &in, Argument<T> *arg)

Default constructs an instance of CDPOperatorBase.

[virtual] CDPOperatorBase::~CDPOperatorBase()

Destructs the CDPOperatorBase.

[pure virtual] void CDPOperatorBase::Create(const char *shortName, CDPBaseObject *parent)

Reimplemented from CDPBaseObject::Create().

Creates the operator, sets shortName and parent.

OSAPIMutex &CDPOperatorBase::GetMemberAccessMutex()

[pure virtual] const std::string &CDPOperatorBase::GetName()

Returns the name of the operator

[pure virtual] const CDPPropertyBase &CDPOperatorBase::GetOutput()

Returns the output property.

double CDPOperatorBase::GetPeriod() const

std::string CDPOperatorBase::GetPriorityName() const

CDPProcess *CDPOperatorBase::GetProcess() const

std::string CDPOperatorBase::GetSchedulingGroupName() const

int CDPOperatorBase::GetSyncInId()

int CDPOperatorBase::GetSyncOutId()

bool CDPOperatorBase::NeedsSync()

[pure virtual] void CDPOperatorBase::Pass()

Called when signal operators are disabled. Should be used to pass input property value to output.

[pure virtual] unsigned int CDPOperatorBase::Process()

This is the process function that implements the signal processing from input to output.

It returns an 'unsigned int' status as defined in CDPAlarm/AlarmStatusDefines.h, or STATUS_OK if status is not modified by the operator. The returned status is or'ed into the owning signal status, to allow a 'worst' status aggregation accessible in the signal.

void CDPOperatorBase::SetProcess(CDPProcess *process)

Member Variable Documentation

const CDPPropertyBase &CDPOperatorBase::m_input

This variable holds the property from where to take the operator default input value.

CDPPropertyBase &CDPOperatorBase::m_output

This variable holds the property where to assign the operators default output value.

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