Examples and Tutorials

Examples and Tutorials

CDP Studio comes with several examples, tutorials and videos and these are easily accessible from the Welcome mode.

The example includes the actual project code and a short explanation of key concepts that you need to be aware of to understand the project. The tutorials are step-by-step guides on how a project is made and cover key CDP concepts. The videos are a combination of tutorials, demonstrations of different features and how-to guides for a range of topics. See also our YouTube channel for the videos.

If you are new to CDP Studio, it is recommended to read the Getting Started with CDP Studio. Here you find the recommendations of which examples and tutorials to check out.

The examples and tutorial are grouped into different main categories. However, some bridge multiple domains and looking at many examples will give you a better understanding. Especially when it comes to user interfaces (GUI), e.g. the Show GPS Position on Map by Using NMEA example demonstrates use of the NMEA protocol and how to use a web/HTML5 user interface.

Getting Started and Important Concepts

User Interface, GUI and Web/HTML5

Note that most examples have a GUI and may have useful hints and examples of use

Industrial Protocols

Working with External Programming Tools and Open Source Libraries

Integrating and Using Different Hardware Devices

Useful CDP Studio Features and Tools

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